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Camp Rock


Released 2008

Matthew Diamond = Director

Kevin Lafferty = Producer

Alan Sacks = Executive Producer

Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres

Joe Jonas as Shane Gray

Meaghan Jette Martin as Tess Tyler

Maria Canals-Barrera as Connie Torres

Alyson Stoner as Caitlyn Geller

Julie Brown as Dee La Duke

Daniel Fathers as Brown Cesario

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ella

Jasmine Richards as Peggy

Jordan Francis as Barron

Roshon Fegan as Sander

Kevin Jonas as Jason

Nick Jonas as Nate

Aaryn Doyle as Lola

Giovanni Spina as Andy

Judy Kovacs as Lola's Dancer #1

Sarah Francis as Lola's Dancer #2

Jennifer Ricci as TJ Tyler

Anjelica Scannura as Girl Singing Shane's Song

Nikki Shah as Opera Girl

Kathryn Ballantine as Girl with Folk Voice

Stefanie Campbell as Gospel Singer #1

Sherry Anne Campbell as Gospel Singer #2

Shennel Campbell as Gospel Singer #3

Edward 'Ed' Jaunz as Steve Torres

Bailey Stocker as Sierra

Hayley Lochner as Erin

Jee-Yun Lee as TV Reporter

Laura Thorne as Screaming Girl

Max Topplin as Boy

Jake Brockman as Boy #2

Roshan Amendra as Freestyler #1

Dwayne Gulston as Freestyler #2

Tamina Pollack-Paris as Dancer

Katie McCrory as Dancer

Kimberly O'Neill as Dancer

Daniel Celebre as Dancer

Irvin Washington as Dancer

Chres M. Kim as Dancer

Marc Cardarelli as Dancer

Adam Sergison as Dancer

Michael Cheng as Dancer

Jason Seitz as We Rock Kid (uncredited)

Seth Sieunarine as Boy near Lake (uncredited)

Brenda Song as Girl near Lake (uncredited)

Dana Jones as Stuntperson

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