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Care Bears Movie


Released 1984

Arna Selznick = Director

Michael Hirsh = Producer

Patrick Loubert = Producer

Clive A. Smith = Producer

John Bohach = Associate Producer

Harvey Levin = Associate Producer

Paul Pressler = Associate Producer

Jack Chojnacki = Executive Producer

Lou Gioia = Executive Producer

Carole MacGillvray = Executive Producer

Robert Unkel = Executive Producer

Mickey Rooney as Voice of Mr. Cherrywood

Jackie Burroughs as Voice of The Spirit

Georgia Engel as Voice of Love-a-Lot-Bear

Sunny Besen Thrasher as Voice of Jason

Eva Almos as Voices of Friend Bear

& Swift Heart Rabbit

Patricia (Patrice) Black as Voices of Funshine Bear

& Share Bear

Melleny Brown as Voices of Birthday Bear

& Cheer Bear

Bob (Bobby) Dermer as Voice of Grumpy Bear

Jayne Eastwood as Voice of Mrs. Cherrywood

Anni Evans as Additional Voices

Gloria Figura as Voice of Bedtime Bear

Cree Summer (Francks) as Voice of Kim

Brian George as Voice of Mr. Fetucini

Janet-Laine Green as Voice of Wish Bear

Luba Goy as Voices of Lotsa Heart Elephant

& Gentle Heart Lamb

Terri Hawkes as Voice of Baby Hugs

Dan Hennessey as Voices of Brave Heart Lion

& Loyal Heart Dog

Jim Henshaw as Voice of Bright Heart Raccoon

Hadley Kay as Voices of Boys & Nicholas

Marla Lukofsky as Voices of Goodluck Bear

& Playful Heart Monkey

Pauline Rennie as Voices of Cozy Heart Penguin,

Grams Bear & Treat Heart Pig

Billie Mae Richards as Voice of Tender Heart Bear

Brent Titcomb as Additional Voices

Susan Roman as Voice of Champ Bear (uncredited)

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