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Casper Meets Wendy


Released 1998

Sean McNamara = Director

Mike Elliott = Producer

Nathan Rotmensz = Associate Producer

Amy Goldberg = Co-Producer

Rob Kerchner = Co-Producer

Jeffrey A. Montgomery = Executive Producer

Lance H. Robbins = Executive Producer

Haim Saban = Executive Producer

Cathy Moriarty as Geri

Shelley Duvall as Gabby

Teri Garr as Fanny

George Hamilton as Desmond Spellman

Hilary Duff as Wendy

Richard Moll as Jules

Vincent Schiavelli as Vincent

Blake Foster as Josh Jackson

Rodger Halston as Larry Tullby

Michael James McDonald as Spike & Stretch

Travis McKenna as Phil & Fatso

Patrick Richwood as Vinne & Stinky

Alan Thicke as Baseball Announcer

Casper Van Dien as Crewcut Hunk

Billy Burnette as Chef

Maria Ford as Playmate

Jim Jackman as Jerry Jackman

Sheila Travis as Jean Jackman

Logan Robbins as Logan

Clay Crosby as Honeycakes

Tamie Lea Logan as Squeekums

Ramsey Krull as Newsboy

Paul Di Franco as Spectactor

Howie Gold as Agitated Fan

Charles Moere as Amused Fan

Emily Jennifer Grunfeld as Pretty Fan

Manny Fernandez as Handsome Fan

Michael Spagnoli as Panicked Fan

Jim Wise as Hungry Fan

Ricky Luna as Catcher

John Rizzi as Cubana Boy

Sebastian Hitzig as Desk Clerk

Patricia 'Pat' Elliott as Snotty Woman

Sue Ellen Enright as Maid

Cecile Krevoy as Snooty Lady

Rodman Flender as Agile Dancer

Michelle Marie as Rockin' Dancer

Lisa Salazar as Smart Dancer

Elizabeth Gage as Swift Dancer

Karen Welch as Spinning Dancer

Rick Dean as Table Occupant

Lacey Taylor Robbins as Kim

Larry Robbins as Boogie-Lovin' Dude

Pauly Shore as Voice of The Oracle

Jeremy Foley as Voice of Casper

James 'Jim' Ward as Voice of Stretch

Bill Farmer as Voice of Stinky

Jess Harnell as Voice of Fatso

Norm McDonald as Human Stretch (uncredited)

Sean McNamara as Wendy's Broom (uncredited)

Hugo Orellana as Baseball Player (uncredited)

Ben Stein as Lawyer (uncredited)

Cynda-Lin James as Stuntperson

Greg Sargent as Stuntperson

Ellen Statham as Stuntperson

Bob Bragg as Stuntperson

Tom Poster as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Misty Rojas as Stuntperson

Anthony Kramme as Stuntperson

Gary Gurcio as Stuntperson

Anita Hart as Stuntperson

Justin Lundin as Stuntperson

Joey Gardner as Stuntperson

Paul Short as Stuntperson

Dean Raphael Ferrandini as Stuntperson

Jeff Evens as Stuntperson

Irving Lewis as Stuntperson

Linda Fetters-Howard as Stuntperson

Cole McKay as Stuntperson

Ted Barba as Stuntperson

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