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A Spirited Beginning


Released 1997

Sean McNamara = Director

Mike Elliott = Producer

Rob Kerchner = Co-Producer

Jeffrey A. Montgomery = Executive Producer

Lance H. Robbins = Executive Producer

Haim Saban = Executive Producer

Steve Guttenberg as Tim Carson

Lori Loughlin as Sheila Fistergraff

Rodney Dangerfield as Mayor Johnny Hunt

Michael McKean as Bill Case

Brendon Ryan Barrett as Chris Carson

Richard Moll as Principal Rabie

Shannon Chandler as Jennifer

Steven Hartman as Brock Lee

Logan Robbins as Danny

D'Juan Watts as Leon

Sherman Hemsley as Grocer

Ben Stein as Grocer

Brian Doyle-Murray as Foreman Dave

Edie McClurg as Librarian

Rodger Halston (Halstein) as Stan

Casper Van Dien as Bystander

Michael James McDonald as Sarcastic Protester

Manny Fernandez as Frustrated Protester

Michael Spagnoli as Fearful Protester

Rick Dean as Punk

Patricia Elliott as Mortified Teacher

Shell Danielson as Newscaster

Phillip Alan Connery as Driver

William Kendall (Crozier) as Passenger

Emily Jennifer Grunfeld as Little Girl

Janet Wood as Talkative Mom

Brendan O'Brien as Terrified Worker

David Kloser as Terrified Worker #2

Danny Weselis as Father

Casey Ryan as Son

Janet Rotblatt as Little Old Lady

Dawn Howard as Frightened Shopper

James Earl Jones as Voice of Kibosh

Pauly Shore as Voice of Snivel

Jeremy Foley as Voice of Casper

Bill Farmer as Voice of Stinky

Jess Harnell as Voice of Fatso

James Kevin Ward as Voice of Stretch

Debi Mazar as Angie Lyons (uncredited)

Jymn Magon as Cameo (uncredited)

Sean McNamara as Ghost Dude (uncredited)

Joey Gardner as Stuntperson

Justin Lundin as Stuntperson

David Hugghins as Stuntperson

Cole S. McKay as Stuntperson

Anthony Kramme as Stuntperson

Ellen G. Statham as Stuntperson

Zane Cassidy as Stuntperson

Chris Blackwood as Stuntperson

Carlton Lee Russell as Stuntperson

Jeannie Epper as Stuntperson

Misty Rosas as Stuntperson

Gary Guercio as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Kent W. Luttrell as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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