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Category 7

The End of the World


Released 2005

Dick Lowry = Director

Lesley Oswald = Producer

Peter Sadowski = Producer

Laurence Ducceschi = Associate Producer

Randy Sutter = Co-Executive Producer

Robert M. Sertner = Executive Producer

Frank von Zerneck = Executive Producer

Randy Quaid as Tornado Tommy Dixon

Gina Gershon as FEMA Director Judith Carr

Cameron Daddo as Ross Duffy

Shannen Doherty as Faith Clavell

James Brolin as Donny Hall

Robert Wagner as Sen. Ryan Carr

Adam Rodriguez as USAF Pilot Ritter

Sebastian Spence as FPS Agent Gavin Carr

Nicholas Lea as Monty

John Kapelos as Secretary of Homeland Security Jim Roberts

Lindy Booth as Brigid

Swoosie Kurtz as Penny Hall

Tom Skerritt as Colonel Mike Davis

Kenneth Welsh as Chief of Staff Alan Horst

Suki Kaiser as Gayle Duffy

David Alpay as Billy Chamber

Andrea Lui as Melody Chang

James Kirk as Stuart Carr

Noam Jenkins as Evan, White House Press Secretary

Peter Mooney as Peter

Rachel Skarsten as Lyra Duffy

Michal Grajewski as Dan

Jim Codrington as FPS Capt. Tergesson

David 'Dave' Brown as Reston

David Price as Street Reporter

Lisa Best as Reporter #1

David Bastl as Reporter #2

Eleanor Coopsammy as Reporter #3

Devin McCracken as Hippie

Marc Devigne as Rick

Jodi Terhoch as Sandra

Terri Cherniak as Editor

Jon Hendricks as Slicker Reporter

Quyen Raceles as Pilot #1

Blake Taylor as Street Reporter #2

Allan Wallace Dunkeld as Mime

Paul Lachance as Monsieur Chambron

Bradley Sawatzky as Georgetown Cop

Kristen Harris as Nurse

Mike Bell as Ranger at Mount Rushmore #1

Jennifer 'Jenny' Pudavick as Ranger at Mount Rushmore #2

Lisa Anne Durupt as Ball Park Manager

Darcy Fehr as Black Mask Leader

Gordon Tanner as Black Mask Guard #2

Illya Torres-Garner as Black Mask Guard #3

Carson Nattrass as Paddy

Jason Berzuk as Sean

Sarah Constible as Trailer Park Woman #1

Kevin Frazier as NYC Reporter

Janaya Stephens as Mary Beth Davis

Randy Apostle as Ted, Power Plant Foreman

Solmund MacPherson as Bobby

Will Woytowich as Security Guard

Miriam Smith as Frances

Mariam Bernstein as Woman at Ministry

John Bluethner as Maintenance Man

Martin Trudel as Marine #1

Darren Wall as Agent

Jeanette Driver as B.B.C. Reporter (voice) (uncredited)

Cory Cassidy as Fire Fighter #2 (uncredited)

David Dick as Tourist (uncredited)

Edgar Governo as FEMA Employee (uncredited)

James Holt as Eiffel Tower Tourist (uncredited)

Sandy Kellerman as Various (voice) (uncredited)

Roy MacEachern as National guard (uncredited)

Sean O'Brian as Federal Agent (uncredited)

Dave Price as Max Wilder (uncredited)

Chuck Robinson as Scientist in Paris (uncredited)

Clayton T. Stewart as Tourist (uncredited)

Alisson Amigo as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Laura Lee Connery as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Mario De Negri as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Allan Wallace Dunkeld as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Lisa Anne Durupt as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Matt Kippen as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Terrance Leigh as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Jacqueline Loewen as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Carson Nattrass as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Chuck Robinson as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Sam Robinson as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Darren Ross as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Dan Skene as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Jan Skene as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Rick Skene as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Sean Skene as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Jodi Stecyk as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Jodi Terhoch as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Ron Webber as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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