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Cats & Dogs


Released 2001

Lawrence Guterman = Director

Christopher DeFaria = Producer

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Craig Perry = Producer

Warren Zide = Producer

Ed Jones = Associate Producer

Glenn Ficarra = Co-Producer

John Requa = Co-Producer

J. C. Spink = Executive Producer

Bruce Berman = Executive Producer

Chris Bender = Executive Producer

Jeff Goldblum as Professor Brody

Elizabeth Perkins as Mrs. Brody

Alexander Pollock as Scotty Brody

Miriam Margolyes as Sophie the Castle Maid

Myron Natwick as Mr. Mason

Doris Chillcott as Mrs. Calvert

Kirsten Robek as Pie Mom

Frank C. Turner as The Farmer

Mar Andersons as Guard at Factory Gate

Gillian Barber as Factory Receptionist

Carol Ann Susi as Sophie's Sister

Randi Kaplan as Sophie's Sister

Mary Bogue as Sophie's Sister

Alvin Sanders as Mason Employee

Mark Schooley as Mason Employee

Lou Bollo as Worker

Scott Nicholson as Worker

Trish Schill as Worker

Babe Dolan as Wife passenger

Reginald Glass as Truck Driver

Charles Andre as Truck Driver

Peggy Logan as Nurse

Alicia Michelle as Jogger on Sidewalk

Pamela Perry as Yorkie Dog Owner

Adam as Puppeteer

Kevin Carlson as Puppeteer

Alejandro Diaz as Puppeteer

Randi Kaplan as Puppeteer

John Edward Kennedy as Puppeteer

Luke Khanlian as Puppeteer

Bruce Lanoil as Puppeteer

Drew Massey as Puppeteer

Gordon Robertson as Puppeteer

Michelan Sisti as Puppeteer

Allan Trautman as Puppeteer

Tobey Maguire as Voice of Lou the Beagle

Alec Baldwin as Voice of Butch

Sean Hayes as Voice of Mr. Tinkles

Susan Sarandon as Voice of Ivy

Joe Pantoliano as Voice of Peek

Michael Clarke Duncan as Voice of Sam

Jon Lovitz as Voice of Calico

Victor Wilson as Voice of Doberman Drill Sergeant

Salome Jens as Voice of Collie at HQ

Charlton Heston as Voice of The Mastiff

Glenn Ficarra as Voice of Russian Blue

Danny Mann as Voice of Ninja Cat (Devon Rex)

Billy West as Voice of Ninja Cat (Devon Rex)

Paul Pape as Voice of Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Chris Bonno as Additional Voice (uncredited)

James D. Bissell as Fake Ticket Person at Stadium (uncredited)

John Higgins as Voice of Ginger Kitten (uncredited)

Richard Steven Horvitz as Voice of Puppy in Barn(uncredited)

Charles Howerton as Voice of German Shepherd at HQ (uncredited)

David Mylrea as Stuntperson

Fred Perrone as Stuntperson

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson

Lori Stewart as Stuntperson

Corry Glass as Stuntperson

Kristene Kenward as Stuntperson

Brad Loree as Stuntperson

Ron James as Stuntperson

Jovan Nenadic as Stuntperson

Rene Van Hullebush as Stuntperson

Greg Schlosser as Stuntperson

David Jacox as Stuntperson

John Wardlow as Stuntperson

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