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Cats & Dogs

The Revenge of Kitty Galore


Released 2010

Brad Peyton = Director

Polly Johnsen = Producer

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Debbi Bossi = Associate Producer

Miri Yoon = Co-Producer

Brent O'Connor = Executive Producer

Bruce Berman = Executive Producer

James Marsden as Voice of Diggs

Nick Nolte as Voice of Butch

Christina Applegate as Voice of Catherine

Katt Williams as Voice of Seamus

Bette Midler as Voice of Kitty Galore

Neil Patrick Harris as Voice of Lou

Sean Hayes as Voice of Mr. Tinkles

Wallace Shawn as Voice of Calico

Roger Moore as Voice of Tab Lazenby

Joe Pantoliano as Voice of Peek

Michael Clarke Duncan as Voice of Sam

Chris O'Donnell as Shane

Jack McBrayer as Chuck

Fred Armisen as Freidrich

Kiernan Shipka as Little Girl

Paul Rodriguez as Voice of Crazy Carlito

Elizabeth G. Daily as Voices of Scrumptious, Patches

& Catherine's Niece

Phil LaMarr as Voices of Paws & Cat Spy Analyst

Michael Beattie as Voice of Angus MacDougall

Jeff Bennett as Voice of Duncan MacDougall

Malcolm Stewart as Captain Flemming

Dawn Chubai as Reporter

Keith Dallas as Coit Tower Guard

Pascale Hutton as Jackie

Grey DeLisle as Voices of Security Bulldog, Catherine's

Niece & Cat Spy Analyst

Len Morganti as Voice of Rex

Betty Phillips as Cat Lady

Chris Parson as Voices of Hep Cat & Cat Spy Analyst

Bumper Robinson as Voices of Cool Cat, Dog Killa, Cat Spy

Analyst & Slim

Rick D. Wasserman as Voice of Rocky

Roger L. Jackson as Voice of Inmate Fat Cat

Bonnie Cahoon as Voices of Dog HQ PA & Catherine's Niece

J. K. Simmons as Voice of Gruff K-9

André Sogliuzzo as Voice of Snobby K-9

Carlos Alazraqui as Voices of Cat Gunner & Cat Spy Analyst

Ingrid Tesch as Mom

Amitai Marmorstein as Playland Worker

Robert Hewko as Old Man

Mark Burgess as Used Car Salesman

Sage Brocklebank as Park Patron

Dave Barclay as Puppeteer

Adam Behr as Puppeteer

Geoff Redknap as Puppeteer

Bruce Lanoil as Puppeteer

Michelan Sisti as Puppeteer

Rondel Reynoldson as Tourist (uncredited)

Tom MacNeill as Carnival Patron (uncredited)

Eduardo Noda as Carnival Patron (uncredited)

Karen Strassman as Voice of French Poodle (uncredited)

Scott J. Ateah as Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Stuntperson

Duane Dickinson as Stuntperson

Wade Eastwood as Stuntperson

Alex Green as Stuntperson

Rowan Harland as Stuntperson

Leif Havdale as Stuntperson

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson

Mike Mitchell as Stuntperson

Tony Morelli as Stuntperson

Scott Nicholson as Stuntperson

Shawn C. Orr as Stuntperson

Nick Powell as Stuntperson

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