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Cheech & Chong's

Nice Dreams


Released 1981

Tommy Chong = Director

Howard Brown = Producer

Shelby (Chong) Fiddis = Associate Producer

Tommy Chong as Chong

Richard 'Cheech' Marin as Cheech

Marlena Amey as Beach Girl #2

Levin Bailey as Juvenile Delinquent

Benita Barrie as Mrs. Del Whacko, Owner Casa Del Whacko

Sandra Bernhard as Girl Nut

Big Yank 'Anderson Ball' as Male Nurse #2

Don Carlson as Nut #7

David Castle as Nut #8

Jerry Chambers as Male Nurse #1

Jennifer Child as Dishwater/Blondie Group #5

Shelby Chong as Body Builder

Joe Anthony 'Tony' Cox as Midget Nut

Roderick F. Daniels as Janitor

Jimmy Fame as Grow Room Weirdo/Weird Jimmy

James Faracci as CHP #1

Lorraine Fiorito as Hooker #2

Mickey Fox as Nut #18

Frances Gray as Lady in Elevator at Donna's place

Evelyn Guerrero as Donna the Panties Gal

Jeff Imada as Wine Steward

Peter Jason as Det. Drooler

Sally Julian as Chinatown Photographer

Solomon Karriem as Prisoner

Stacy Keach as The Sarge Stedanko

Suzanne Kent as Sidney the Agent

Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski as Body Builder #1

Danny Kwan as Lab Technician

Michael Lansing as Nut #15

(Dr.) Timothy Leary as Himself

Bob Leslie as Nut #6

Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei as Big Guy in the Door Way

Rikki Marin as Blonde in Car

Sally K. Marr as Nut #5

Michael Masters as Willard 'Animal' Bad

David McCharen as Chicken Man at Casa Del Whacko

Bill McLean as Nut #12

Gregory Polcyn as Nut #13

Haydee Pomar as Brunetta & Blondie Group #4

Jeff Pomerantz as CHP #2

Linnea Quigley as Blondie Group #2

Paul Reubens as Howie Hamburger Dude

Peter D. Risch as Midget in Cell

Spray Rosso as Hooker #1

Tim Rossovich as Det. Noodles

Roselyn Royce as Beach Girl #3

Malcolm C. Scott as Nut House Resident

Sab Shimono as Oriental Bus Boy at Hong Kong Restaurant

Cheryl RX Smith as Blondie Group #1

Howlett P. Smith as Ray

Roosevelt Smith as Policeman

Shirley Spangler as Lady in Elevator at Donna's place

Debbie Tressler as Auburnetta/Blondie Group #3

Victoria Wells as Beach Girl #1

Michael Winslow as Superman Nut

Charlie Young as Brunette in Car

Geri Jewell as Mental Patient (uncredited)

Curtis Credel as Nutvoic (uncredited)

Bobby Bass as Stunt Customer #2

Jophery C. Brown as Stunt Driver & Narc Pilot

David (Dave) Cadiente as Stunt Busboy

David R. Ellis as Stunt Double: Chong

Stephanie Epper as Stunt Customer #1

Buddy Joe Hooker as Stunt Double: Cheech

Charles (Chuck) A. Tamburro as Narc Pilot #1

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