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The Chaperone


Released 2011

Stephen Herek = Director

Michael Pavone = Producer

Nancy Hirami = Co-Producer

Suzanne Lyons = Co-Producer

David Calloway = Executive Producer

Steve Barnett = Executive Producer

Mark Rosman = Executive Producer

Paul 'Triple H' Levesque as Ray Bradstone

Ariel Winter as Sally

Kevin Corrigan as Phillip Larue

JosÚ Z˙˝iga as Carlos

Annabeth Gish as Lynne

Yeardley Smith as Miss Miller

Kevin Rankin as Goldy

Enrico Colantoni as Dr. Etman

Ashley Taylor as Meredith

Israel Broussard as Josh

Darren O'Hare as Augie

Lucy Webb as Dr. Marjore

Jake Austin Walker as Ted

Cullen Foster Chaffin as Simon

Taylor Faye Ruffin as Brenda

Camille Bourgeois as Bill

Conner Ann Waterman as Tracy

James DuMont as Stanley

Nick Gomez as Nick The Bus Driver

J. D. Evermore as Del

George Wilson as Cabbie

Kate Adair as Bank Teller

Alec Rayme as Kevin

Edrick Browne as Prison Guard

Dane Rhodes as Dr. Marjorie's Operator

Ethan Hansen as Little Boy

Billy Slaughter as Father

Gary Grubbs as Mr. Mobeleski

James Palmer as Roger

Bill Stinchcomb as Sergeant

Luke Hawx as Thug #1

John Neisler as Mr. Lewis

Sean Boyd as CSI Guy

Shanna Forrestall as Hijacked Woman

Earl Scioneaux III as Strange Guy

Juliette Enright as Young Sally

Sam Medina as Prison Guy

Shane Partlow as Manager

Victor Palacios as Policeman

Kim Collins as Mechanic

Jessica Holly Ames as New Orleans Reporter

Samantha Herek as Charlotte

Todd Lewis as 911 Operator & Dispatcher

Anita Hemeter as Tour Guide

Jocelyn Meyers-Lockwood as Lafayette Reporter

Phi-Long Nguyen as Thug #2

Trey Fuller as Student (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc as French Quarter Tourist (uncredited)

David Stidd as Security Guard (uncredited)

Pamela Kay Tujague as Debra, Meredith's Mother (uncredited)

Gino Galento as Patron (uncredited)

Aaron Saxton as Cop (uncredited)

Terry Lee Smith as Hotel Guest (uncredited)

M. Jearl Vinot as Patron (uncredited)

Shane Baumel as Additional Voice

Billi Bruno as Additional Voice

Catherine Cavadini as Additional Voice

Greg Finley as Additional Voice

Jeffrey Todd Fischer as Additional Voice

Aaron Fors as Additional Voice

Barbara Iley as Additional Voice

David Michie as Additional Voice

Ty Panitz as Additional Voice

Michael Ralph as Additional Voice

David Randolph as Additional Voice

Noreen Reardon as Additional Voice

Janessa Rose as Additional Voice

Danielle Soibelman as Additional Voice

Ruth Zalduondo as Additional Voice

Gary Baxley as Stuntperson

Kevin Beard as Stuntperson

Sean Braud as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

Charlie S. Brown as Stuntperson

Trace Cheramie as Stuntperson

Danny Cosmo as Stuntperson

Shane Dufrene as Stuntperson

Wade Eastwood as Stuntperson

Chris J. Fanguy as Stuntperson

Thirl Haston as Stuntperson

Holly O'Quin as Stuntperson

Conrad E. Palmisano as Stuntperson

Stephen M. Petit Jr. as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Bill Scharpf as Stuntperson

John Stoneham Jr. as Stuntperson

Joe Nin Williams as Stuntperson

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