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Charlie's Ghost

The Secret of Coronado


Released 1994

Anthony Edwards = Director

Barry L. Collier = Producer

Steven Paul = Producer

Patrick Ewald = Associate Producer

Barbara Javitz = Executive Producer

Trenton Knight as Charlie

Cheech Marin as Coronado

Anthony Edwards as Dave

Charles Rocket as Van Leer

Linda Fiorentino as Marta

Robert Hy Gorman as Tuggle

Veronica Lauren as Nicki

J.T. Walsh as Darryl

Dean Cameron as Sheriff

Bethany Richards as Terri

Daphne Zuniga as Ronda

Stephen Kearney as Mover

Alan Shearman as Mover

Leslie Danon as Karate Girl

Edwin Smith as Store Clerk

Simon Clarke as Tennis Player

Candace Gaylord as Penny

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