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Charlotte's Web 2

Wilbur's Great Adventure


Released 2003

Mario Piluso = Director

James Wang = Executive Producer

Julia Duffy as Voice of Charlotte

David Berón as Voice of Wilbur

Charles 'Charlie' Adler as Voices of Templeton & Lurvy

Amanda Bynes as Voice of Nellie

Anndi McAfee as Voice of Joy

Maria Bamford as Voices of Aranea, Button & Additional Voices

Harrison Chad as Voice of Cardigan

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Farley, Mr. Arable & Additional Voices

Debi Derryberry as Voice of Fern & Additional Voices

Laraine Newman as Voices of Gwen & Mother Sheep

Dawnn Lewis as Voices of Bessie & Female Judge

Brenda Vaccaro as Voice of Mrs. Hirsch

Danny Mann as Voice of Mr. Hirsch & Additional Voices

Jerry Houser as Voice of Mr. Zuckerman & Additional Voices

Valery Pappas as Voice of High Strung Chicken

Nika Futterman as Voices of Baby Rats

Pat Fraley as Voice of Donkey & Additional Voices

Bridget Sienna as Voice of Flo & Additional Voices

Frank Welker as Voice of Animal Voice Effects & Additional Voices

Bobby Block as Voice of Snotty Lamb & Additional Voices

Paul Butcher as Additional Voices

Ashley Edner as Voice of Bully Lamb & Additional Voices

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