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Cheaper By The Dozen


Released 2003

Wayne Thornley = Director

Stuart Forrest = Producer

Mike Buckland = Producer

Anthony Silverston = Producer

James Middleton = Producer

Ned Lott = Associate Producer

Claire Becker = Executive Producer

Greg Becker = Executive Producer

Mace Neufeld = Executive Producer

Edward Noeltner = Executive Producer

Geoggrey Qhena = Executive Producer

Basil Ford = Executive Producer

Kofi Amparbeng = Executive Producer

Peter Graham = Executive Producer

Stephen Hays = Executive Producer

Jeremy Suarez as voice of Kai

Abigail Breslin as voice of Zoe

Jeff Goldblum as voice of Ajax

Leonard Nimoy as voice of Sekheru

Samuel L. Jackson as voice of Tendai

Jenifer Lewis as voice of Gogo

Jim Cummings as voice of Budzo & Marabous

Jamal Mixon as voice of Ezee

Richard E. Grant as voice of Cecil

David Shaughnessy as voice of Morton

Noureen DeWulf as voice of Pavi

Tania Gunadi as voice of Tini

Deep Roy as voice of Mushana

Phil LaMarr as voice of Announcer Bird & Voice Model

Kelly Stables as voice of Gossip Bird #1

Kristen Rutherford as voice of Gossip Bird #2

Corey Burton as voice of Neville

Tress MacNeille as voice of Neville's Wife

Tom Kenny as voice of Marabous

Wayne Thornley as voice of Marabous & Additional Voice

Brent Palmer as voice of Marabous & Voice Model

Jon Olsen as voice of Marabous

Sam Riegel as voice of Hurricane

Keeno-Lee Hector as voice of Hurricane & Additional Voice

Nik Rabinowitz as voice of Hurricane & Additional Voice

Lee Duru as voice of Nurse Bird

Zolani Mahola as voice of Weaver & Voice Model

David Dennis as Voice Model

Adam Behr as Additional Voice

Lali Dangazele as Additional Voice

Rob Van Vouren as Additional Voice

Leeanda Reddy as Additional Voice

Toma Sebogedi as Additional Voice

Lee Duru as Additional Voice

Khanya Mkangiso as Additional Voice

Dominic Touwen as Additional Voice

Royston Stoffels as Additional Voice

Jessica Taylor as Additional Voice

Sizwe Msutu as Additional Voice

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