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Cheech & Chong

Up In Smoke


Released 1978

Lou Adler = Director

Lou Adler = Producer

Lou Lombardo = Producer

John Beug = Associate Producer

Cheech Marin as Pedro De Pacas

Tommy Chong as Anthony 'Man' Stoner

Strother Martin as Arnold Stoner

Edie Adams as Mrs. Tempest Stoner

Harold Fong as Chauffeur

Richard Novo as Richard

Jane Moder as Jail Bait

Pam Bille as Jail Bait

Arthur Roberts as Arresting Officer

Marian Beeler as Judge Gladys Dykes

Donald Hotton as Bailiff

John Ian Jacobs as Prosecuting Attorney

Christopher Joy as Curtis

Ray Vitte as James (Bass Player)

Michael Caldwell as Duane (Guitar)

Jose Pulido as Juan (1st Trumpet)

Ruben Guevara as Tom (2nd Trumpet)

Miguel Murillo as Ollie (3rd Trumpet)

Gary Mule Deer as Freak with Basketball

Tom Skerritt as Strawberry

June Fairchild as The Ajax Lady

Stacy Keach as Sgt. Stedenko (Narc)

Mills Watson as Harry (Narc)

Karl Johnson as Clyde (Narc)

Rick Beckner as Murphy (Narc)

Cheryl (Rainbeaux) Smith as Laughing Lady

Angelina Estrada as Aunt Bolita

Ernie Fuentes as Upholstery Shop Foreman

Val Avery as Upholstery Factory Boss (Hood)

Ben Marino as Benny (Hood)

Akemi Kikumura as Toyota Kawasaki

Joe Creaghe as Border Guard

Roy Stocking as Border Guard

Marcia I. Wolf as Sister Mary Vogue (Nun)

Andi Nachman as Sister Mary Secretary (Nun)

Betty McGuire as Sister Mary Quacker (Nun)

Cheryl Jeffrey as Sister Mary Arabian (Nun)

Gayna Shernen as Sister Mary Mary (Nun)

June Creeghe as Sister Mary Yuma (Nun)

Patty Proudfoot as Sister Mary Indian (Nun)

Zane Buzby as Jade East

Wally Ann Wharton as Debbie

Louisa Moritz as Officer Gloria Whitey

Otto Felix as Stoned Motorcycle Cop

Rodney Bingenheimer as Himself

Kurt Kaufman as Roxy Doorman

David Nelson as Roxy Doorman

Wayne Hazelhurst as Tow Truck Driver

Harry Dean Stanton as Police Officer (Scenes Deleted)

Ellen Barkin as Woman playing guitar (Uncredited)

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