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The Movie


Released 2011

Michael Amundsen = Director

Greg Anton = Producer

Alan Chu = Associate Producer

Liz Lohof = Co-Producer

Elart Coello = Executive Producer

Manuel Hinostroza = Executive Producer

Cheryl Freeman = Executive Producer

Sean McGillan = Executive Producer

Anya Benton as Sondra Wellington

Renee Pezzotta as Jeannie

Ellalyn Haile as Melanie

Ty Haile as Aiden

Jonathan Aube as Jordan Scott

Jason Ellefson as Matthew Olsen

Simone Schmitz as Lina Thompson

Elena Diaz as Tania Mercardo

Johnny Mask as Mr. Stock

Rene Sheret as Judge #1

James L. Greer as Judge #2

Patricia Manzo as Judge #3

Amy Holman as Nurse Nancy

Laurie Greenfield as Grandmother Doris

Natalie Pappas as Camille

Alex Bram as EMT

Michael Gordon as Dr. Howard

Shoniqua Shandai as Nurse Betty

Eugene Lebowitz as Complaining Patient

Bobbie Sheret as Therapy Dog Owner

Erica Ashley Larson as Patient

Logan Shea as Jason

Marco Manzo as Manny

Brittni Luv as Lauren

Amber Urban as Gail

Berenika Bailey as Gail's Mother

Bacha Chilaia as Gail's Father

Peanut as Bella

Pixie as Sister

Behop as Mac

Jackson as Jac

Momo as Cat

Bubba as Chuey

Mattie as Therapy Dog

Sherae Adams as Extra, Patient #1

Erika Valles Bedregai as Extra

Lawrence B. Blumberg as Extra

Shanna Clark as Extra

Camilla Decicco as Extra

Emanuelle Duran as Extra

Sherissa Skye Gibson as Extra

Asher Glaser as Extra, Cafe Patron

Ruth Guzzone as Extra

Mick Hannaway as Extra

Daniel Hall as Extra

Tina Jennell as Extra

Jerry A. Jones as Extra

Daniel Kimes as Extra

Alvin Knight as Extra, Tester

Michael Latishaw as Extra

Jaimie McAllister as Extra

Michael McGuire as Extra

Elizabeth Manzo as Extra

Esmeralda Manzo as Extra

Paolo Napizia as Extra

Dorothy Peterson as Extra

Collen Ryan as Extra

Aaron Schwartzbart as Extra

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