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Chihuahua Too


Released 2013

Morgan Most = Director

Cheryl Freeman = Producer

Larry Garrett = Producer

Morgan Most = Producer

Elyssa Davalos = Producer

Gregory Alosio = Co-Producer

Hendrix Gullixson as Jarred Fastener

Chaia Mutrux as Jan Fastener

Zay Harding as Chuck & Charles Fastener

Ivy Elfstrom as Jennifer Fastener

Karen Chase as Nora Notsowel

Paul Gregory as Mr. Headlock

Jaclyn Becker asSally Wellgood

Patrick McIntyre as Blair Wellgood

Pam Duke Van Lerland as Zelda Fastener

Rosie as Sophie

Dorado as Homer

Madison Most as Jogger

Bryce Casey as Bicyclist

Lamorao Octavia as Piano Student

Elyssa Davalos as Voice of Sophie

Ben Craig as Voice of Homer

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