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The Chipmunk Adventure


Released 1987

Janice Karman = Director

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. = Producer

Gwendolyn Sue Shakespeare = Associate Producer

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. as Voices of David Seville, Alvin

Seville & Simon Seville

Janice Karman as Voices of Theodore Seville, Brittany Miller,

Jeanette Miller & Eleanor Miller

Dody Goodman as Voice of Miss Rebecca Miller

Anthony De Longis as Voice of Klaus Furschtien

Susan Tyrrell as Voice of Claudia Furschtien

Frank Welker as Voice of Sophie & Additional Voices

Nancy Cartwright as Voice of Arabian Prince

Philip L. Clarke as Additional Voices

Ken Sansom as Additional Voices

George Poulos as Additional Voices

Charles Adler as Additional Voices

Patrick Pinney as Additional Voices

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