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Released 1950

Clyde Geronimi = Director

Wilfred Jackson = Director

Hamilton Luske = Director

Walt Disney = Producer

Ilene Woods as Voice of Cinderella

Eleanor Audley as Voice of Lady Tremaine

Verna Felton as Voice of Fairy Godmother

Claire DuBrey as Additional Voice

Rhoda Williams as Voice of Drizella

James MacDonald as Voices of Bruno, Gus & Jaques

Helene Stanley as Additional Voice

Luis Van Rooten as Voices of King & Grand Duke

Don Barclay as Voice of Doorman

Lucille Bliss as Voice of Anastasia

John Fontame as Additional Voice

Mike Douglas as Singing Voice of Prince Charming

William Phipps as Voice of Prince Charming

Marion Darlington as Voices of Birds

Earl Keen as Additional Voice

John Woodbury as Additional Voices

Lucille Williams as Voice of Perla, Mouse

June Foray as Voice of Lucifer

Thurl Ravenscroft as Additional Voices

Clint McCauley as Voice of Mouse

June Sullivan as Voice of Mouse

Helen Seibert as Voice of Mouse

Betty Lou Gerson as Voice of Narrator

Jeffrey Stone as Additional Voices (uncredited)

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