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City of Angels


Released 1998

Brad Silberling = Director

Dawn Steel = Producer

Charles Roven = Producer

Jeff Levine = Associate Producer

Alan G. Glazer = Associate Producer

Douglas Segal = Co-Producer

Kelley Smith-Wait = Co-Producer

Arnon Milchan = Executive Producer

Charles Newirth = Executive Producer

Robert Cavallo = Executive Producer

Nicolas Cage as Seth

Meg Ryan as Dr. Maggie Rice

Andre Braugher as Cassiel

Dennis Franz as Nathaniel Messinger

Colm Feore as Jordan Ferris

Robin Bartlett as Anne

Joanna Merlin as Teresa Messinger

Sarah Dampf as Susan

Rhonda Dotson as Susan's Mother

Nigel Gibbs as Doctor

John Putch as Man in Car

Lauri Johnson as Woman in Car

Christian Aubert as Foreign Visitor in Car

Jay Patterson as Air Traffic Controller

Shishir Kurup as Jimmy, Anesthesiologist

Brian Markinson as Tom, Surgical Fellow

Hector Velasquez as Scrub Nurse

Marlene Kanter as Circulating Nurse #1

Bernard White as Circulating Nurse #2

Dan Desmond as Mr. Balford

Deirdre O'Connell as Mrs. Balford

Kim Murphy as Balford's Daughter

Chad Lindberg as Balford's Son

Alexander Folk as Convenience Store Clerk

Rainbow Borden as Holdup Man

Harper Roisman as Old Man in Library

Sid Hillman as Librarian

Wanda-Lee Evans as Nurse in Messinger's Room

Wanda Christine as Station Nurse

E. J. Callahan as Waiter at Johnnie's

Tudi Roche as Messinger's Daughter

David Moreland as Frank, Messinger's Son-in-Law

Kristina Malota as Hannah, Messinger's Granddaughter

William 'Stan' Stanford Davis as Construction Foreman

Mik Scriba as Construction Worker

Nick Offerman as Construction Worker

Kieu-Chinh as Asian Woman

Geoffrey A. Thorne as Big Orderly

Peter Spellos as Mack Truck Driver

Jim Kline as Store Clerk

Cherene Snow as Sewing Woman

Keaton Tyndall as Hannah's Friend (uncredited)

Kylie Tyndall as Hannah's Friend (uncredited)

Amy Brenneman as Angel in Library at Computers (uncredited)

Tanya Douglas as Student (uncredited)

Andrew Frankel as Medic (uncredited)

Alexander Gould as Little Boy (uncredited)

Steve Mora as Construction Worker (uncredited)

Elisabeth Shue as Pregnant Woman (uncredited)

John Alden as Stuntperson

Scott Alan Cook as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

Steve Blalock as Stuntperson

James 'Jim' Turner as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

Rick Sawaya as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

Mark Chadwick as Stuntperson

J. Mark Donaldson as Stuntperson

Robert 'Bob' Elmore as Stuntperson

Joe 'Joey' Bucaro III as Stuntperson

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Stuntperson

Ramiro González as Stuntperson

Jason Rodriguez as Stuntperson

Gilbert Rosales as Stuntperson

Jim Stephan as Stuntperson

Brad Bovee as Stuntperson

Brian J. Williams as Stuntperson

Keith Campbell as Stuntperson

Kerry Rossall as Stuntperson

Vince Deadrick Jr. as Stuntperson

Larry Holt as Stuntperson

Julius LeFlore as Stuntperson

Ray Gabriel as Stuntperson

George Marshall Ruge as Stuntperson

Alex Gaona as Stuntperson

Royce L. Minor as Stuntperson

Rashaé Minor as Stuntperson

Eddie Yansick as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Kathy Jarvis as Stuntperson

Christina (Ritzi) Fetters as Stuntperson

Tanner Gill as Stuntperson

Ramiro Gonzalez III as Stuntperson

Eric Chambers as Stuntperson

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