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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2


Released 2013

Cody Cameron = Director

Kris Pearn = Director

Pam Marsden = Producer

Kirk Bodyfelt = Producer

Chris Juen = Co-Producer

Phil Lord = Executive Producer

Christopher Miller = Executive Producer

Bill Hader as voice of Flint Lockwood

Anna Faris as voice of Sam Sparks

James Caan as voice of Tim Lockwood

Will Forte as voice of Chester V

Andy Sanberg as voice of Brent McHale

Benjamin Bratt as voice of Manny

Neil Patrick Harris as voice of Steve

Terry Crews as voice of Earl Devereaux

Kristen Schaal as voice of Barb

Cody Cameron as voice of Barry, Dill Pickle

Melissa Sturm as voice of Sentinel Louise, Live Corp Scientist

Kris Pearn as voice of Sentinel Peter, Labcoat Jenny

Craig Kellman as voice of Flintly McCallahan, Idea Pants Guy

Khamani Griffin as voice of Cal Devereaux

Bridget Hoffman as voice of Young Flint

Al Roker as voice of Patrick Patrickson

Steve Alterman as Additonal Voice

June Christopher as Additonal Voice

David Cowgill as Additional Voice

Eddie Frierson as Additional Voice

Elisa Gabrielli as Additional Voice

Jackie Gonneau as Additional Voice

Tania Gunadi as Additional Voice

Wendy Hoffman as Additional Voice

Walter Jones as Additional Voice

Ashley Lambert as Additional Voice

Scott Menville as Additional Voice

David Sheinkopf as Additional Voice

Peter Siracusa as Additional Voice

Marina Souerciati as Additional Voice

Kelly Stables as Additional Voice

Shane Sweet as Additional Voice

Matthew W. Taylor as Additional Voice

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