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Code of Silence


Released 1985

Andrew Davis = Director

Raymond Wagner = Producer

Chuck Norris as Eddie Cusack

Henry Silva as Luis Comacho

Bert Remsen as Commander Kates

Mike Genovese as Tony Luna

Nathan Davis as Felix Scalese

Ralph Foody as Cragie

Allen Hamilton as Pirelli

Ron Henriquez as Victor Comacho

Joe (Joseph) Guzaldo as Nick Kopalas

Molly Hagan as Diana Luna

Ron Dean as Brennan

Wilbert Bradley as Spider

Dennis Farina as Dorato

Gene Barge as Music

Mario Nieves as Pompas

Miguel Nino as Efren

Ronnie Barron as Doc

Joseph (Joe) F. Kosala as Kobas

Lou Damiani as Gamiani

Nydia Rodriguez Terracina as Partida

Andre Marquis as Sanchez

John Mahoney as 'Prowler' Representative

Dennis Cockrum as Hood in Tavern

Zaid Farid as Hood in Tavern

Howard Jackson as Officer Johnson

Alex Stevens as Angel & Stuntperson

Don Pike as Hood on Yacht & Stuntperson

Les Podewell as Coroner

Trish Schaefer as Molly Luna

Martha Oton as Tony Luna's Mother

Jack Kandel as Eenie

James (Jim) Fierro as Vito & Stuntperson

Tom Letuli as Samo

Jeff Hoke as Gallery Artist

Gary T. Pike as Scalese's Driver & Stuntperson

Frank Strocchia as Police Gym Attendant

Jack Decker as Dispatcher #1

Sue Kelly as Dispatcher #2

Michael E. Bradley as Dispatcher #3

Sally Anne Waranch as Children's Counselor

Jerry Tullos as Review Board Clerk

Catalina Caceres as Grandmother at Hearing

Shirley Kelly as Artist's Benefactor

Angela Zimm as Gallery Person

David Hernandez as Court Observer (uncredited)

Ross L. Kulma as Tailor (uncredited)

Eddie (Ed) J. Fernandez as Stuntperson

George Berry as Stuntperson

Randy Greene as Stuntperson

Darwin (Dar) Benjamin as Stuntperson

Angel Roman as Stuntperson

Dean Raphael Ferrandini as Stuntperson

Tony (Anthony) Ferrandini as Stuntperson

Mike Norris as Stuntperson

Randy Popplewell as Stuntperson

Robert (Bob) Wall as Stuntperson

Courtney R. Bradie as Stuntperson

Michael Dillard as Stuntperson

Joel Hornstein as Stuntperson

Hank Baumert as Stuntperson

Michael O'Connor as Stuntperson

Rick Le Fevour as Stuntperson

Tom Oldgerg as Stuntperson

Stacy Logan as Stuntperson

Michael S. Walter as Stuntperson

Kay H. Whipple as Stuntperson

Michael (Mike) Hernandez as Stuntperson

Jeff Williams as Stuntperson

Jon Maldonado as Stuntperson

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