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Con Air


Released 1997

Simon West = Director

Jerry Bruckheimer = Producer

Kenny Bates = Associate Producer

Lynn Bigelow = Executive Producer

Peter Bogart = Executive Producer

Jonathan Hensleigh = Executive Producer

Jim Kouf = Executive Producer

Chad Oman = Executive Producer

Colm Meaney as DEA Agent Duncan Malloy

Mykelti Williamson as Mike 'Baby-O' O'Dell

Nick Chinlund as William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford

Renoly Santiago as Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez

John Malkovich as Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom

Ving Rhames as Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones

Dave (David) Chappelle as Joe 'Pinball' Parker

Rachel Ticotin as Guard Sally Bishop

Steve Eastin as Guard Falzon

Steve Buscemi as Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene

Danny Trejo as Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca

M.C. Gainey as Swamp Thing

Landry Allbright as Casey Poe

John Cusack as U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin

Monica Potter as Tricia Poe

Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe

Brendan Kelly as Conrad

Jesse Borrego as Francisco Cindino

Carl N. Ciarfalio as Con #1

Jerry Mongo Brownlee as Ajax

Jose Zuniga as DEA Agent Willie Sims

Ned Bellamy as Chopper Pilot

John Marshall Jones as Gator

John Roselius as Skip Devers

Fredric (Lehne) Lane as Pilot

Martin (Marty) McSorley as Mack the Co-Pilot

Dylan Haggerty as Starkey

Dan Bell as Fuel Jockey

Bob (Robert) Stephenson as Ted, Pilot

Scott Ditty as Bus Guard

Tommy Bush as Sheriff

Lauren Pratt as Debbie, 6-Year-Old Girl

Steve Hulin as Ronnie

Don Charles McGovern as Smoke

Angela Featherstone as Ginny

Doug Hutchison as Donald

Jeris Poindexter as Watts

David Ramsey as Londell

Conrad Goode as Viking

Emilio Rivera as Carlos

Mario Roberts as Mongoose

Tyrone (Ty) Granderson Jones as Blade

Earl Billings as Guard

Greg Collins as Guard

Billy Devlin as Guard

Mark Ginther as Guard

Joseph Patrick Kelly as Guard

Jeff Olson as Uncle Bob

Dawn Bluford as Female Baggage Handler

Charlie Paddock as Transportation Officer #1

Randee Barnes as Stickman

Don S. Davis as Man in Car

Barbara Sharma as Woman in Car

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Cindino Gunman

Eddie Perez as Cindino Gunman

Scott McCoy as Cindino Gunman

Brian Hayes Currie as Vegas Cop

Ashley Smock as Huey Pilot

Charles Lynn Frost as DEA Agent

Joey Miyashima as Tech Guy

Scott Burkholder as Air Traffic Controller

Kevin Cooney as Judge

Gerard L'Heureux as Guard Renfro

Pete Antico as Guard Garner

John Robotham as Guard Ryan

Gilbert Rosales as Ramirez

Richard L. Duran as Warlock

George Randall as Old Con on Plane

James (Jamie) Bozian as Con

Harley Zumbrum as Con

Doug Dearth as Con

David Roberson as Supervisor

Alexandra Balahoutis as Waitress

Dick 'Skip' Evans as Airplane Pilot

Sheldon Worthington as Co-Pilot

Robert Taft as Soldier

Robert White as Soldier

Chris Ellis as B.O.P. Official Grant

John Campbell as B.O.P. Bus Driver

Brian Willems as Paramedic

Bill Cusack as Paramedic

Dabbs Greer as Old Man under Truck

Marco Kyris as Cindino's Pilot

Matthew Barry as Chambers (uncredited)

Dennis Burkley as Dale, Bartender (uncredited)

Kira Burt as Police Officer (uncredited)

John Diehl as Public Defender (uncredited)

Marty Fresca as Bald Prisoner (uncredited)

Kevin Gage as Billy Joe (uncredited)

Walt G. Ludwig as Firefighter (uncredited)

Scott Rosenberg as Garland's Blackjack Dealer (uncredited)

Dan Rudert as Army Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Jay So as Tourist (uncredited)

Eddie Yansick as Stuntperson

Randall Huber as Stuntperson

Kurt Bryant as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Garfield Wedderburn as Stuntperson

Frank Torres as Stuntperson

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Christian J. Fletcher as Stuntperson

Ivan Bates as Stuntperson

Benny Urquidez as Stuntperson

Jay Amor as Stuntperson

Monte Perlin as Stuntperson

Manny Perry as Stuntperson

Robert Powell as Stuntperson

Gary Price as Stuntperson

Hash Shallan as Stuntperson

Lee Waddell as Stuntperson

Roger Wells as Stuntperson

Tim Werner as Stuntperson

Steve Wooten as Stuntperson

Tony Epper as Stuntperson

Tom Ferrarie as Stuntperson

Jack Gill as Stuntperson

Sandy Gimpell as Stuntperson

Joseph Hawes as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

Jamie Keyser as Stuntperson

Barbara Klein as Stuntperson

Hanna Kozak as Stuntperson

Joel Krammer as Stuntperson

Dave Lea as Stuntperson

Cody Lewis as Stuntperson

Billy Madden as Stuntperson

Peter McKernan as Stuntperson

Alanna McManus as Stuntperson

Bennie Moore as Stuntperson

Phil Neilson as Stuntperson

Jimmy Nickerson as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Frank Orsati as Stuntperson

Lafay Baker as Stuntperson

Janet Brady as Stuntperson

Nick Brett as Stuntperson

Thomas Bruggeman as Stuntperson

Richard Butler as Stuntperson

Jeff Cadiente as Stuntperson

Darren Caperna as Stuntperson

Tony Cecere as Stuntperson

Royden E. Clark as Stuntperson

Dennis Chalker as Stuntperson

Page Clay as Stuntperson

Erik Cord as Stuntperson

John Depasquale as Stuntperson

John Dixon as Stuntperson

Tony Donno as Stuntperson

Eddy Donno as Stuntperson

Kevin Eldridge as Stuntperson

Eurlyne Epper as Stuntperson

Jeannie Epper as Stuntperson

Kurtis Epper as Stuntperson

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