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Conan The Barbarian


Released 1982

John Milius = Director

Raffaella De Laurentiis = Producer

Buzz Feitshans = Producer

Edward Summer = Associate Producer

D. Constantine Conte = Executive Producer

Edward R. Pressman = Executive Producer

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan

James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom

Max von Sydow as King Osric

Sandahl Bergman as Valeria

Ben Davidson as Rexor

Cassandra Gava (Gaviola) as The Witch

Gerry Lopez as Subotai

Mako as The Wizard/Narrator

Valérie Quennessen as The Princess

William Smith as Conan's Father

Luis Barboo as Red Hair

Franco Columbu as Pictish Scout

Leslie Foldvary as Sacrificial Snake Girl

Gary Herman as Osric's Guard

Erik Holmey as Turanian War Officer

Dr. Akio Mitamura as Mongol General

Nadiuska as Conan's Mother

Jorge Sanz as Young Conan

Jack Taylor as Priest

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Thorgrim

Kiyoshi Yamasaki as Sword Master

Pilar Alcón as player (uncredited)

Ron Cobb as Black Lotus Street Peddler (uncredited)

Dragon Dronet as Pit Fighter (uncredited)

Donald Gibb as Osric's Guard (uncredited)

Corrie Jansen as Beautiful Woman Jumping to her Death (uncredited)

John Milius as Foodseller in the Old City (uncredited)

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Jim Burk as Stuntperson

Corrie Jansen as Stuntperson

Larry Randles (Randales) as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

John-Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

Bob Terhune as Stuntperson

Jose Luis Ayestaran as Stuntperson

Bettina Brenner as Stuntperson

José Luis Chinchilla as Stuntperson

Ricardo Cruz as Stuntperson

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