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The Condemned


Released 2007

Scott Wiper = Director

Julian Parry = Producer

Joel Simon = Producer

Richard Lowell = Associate Producer

John Bonneau = Co-Producer

Mara Jacobs = Co-Producer

Matt Walden = Co-Producer

Jed Blaugrund = Executive Producer

Peter Block = Executive Producer

Jason Constantine = Executive Producer

Michael Gruber = Executive Producer

Michael Lake = Executive Producer

Graham Ludlow = Executive Producer

Vince McMahon = Executive Producer

John Sacchi = Executive Producer

George Vrabeck = Executive Producer

Steve Austin as Conrad

Vinnie Jones as McStarley

Robert Mammone as Breckel

Tory (Victoria) Mussett as Julie

Manu Bennett as Paco

Madeleine West as Sarah Cavanaugh

Rick Hoffman as 'Goldy' Goldman

Christopher Baker as Eddie C

Sam (Samantha) Healy as Bella

Luke Pegler as Baxter

Masa Yamaguchi as Saiga

Emelia Burns as Yasantwa

Dasi Ruz as Rosa

Marcus Johnson as Kreston Mackie

Nathan Jones as Petr

Andy McPhee as The German

Rai Fazio as The Italian

Angie Milliken as Donna Sereno

Sullivan Stapleton as Special Agent Wilkins

Grant Piro as Moyer

Neil Pigot as Wade Meranto

Jacy Lewis as Wilkin's Assistant

Jared Robinson as Mike

Andrew Buchanan as Lyle

Brad Haynes as Farland

Martin Challis as Burdick

Dominic Brancatisano as The Arab

Trent Sullivan as Michael

Joey Massey as Scotty

Mick Glancy as Camouflage Cameraman

Greg Jones as Camouflage Guard

Steve Harman as Baxter Guard #1

Steve Morris as Baxter Guard #2

Nigel Harbach as Baxter Guard #3

Ty Hungerford as Baxter Guard #4

John Orcsik as Belarus Warden

James Stewart as Belarus Scout

Chris Palframan as Belarus Cameraman

John Reynolds as Belarus Convict #1

Mick Roughan as Belarus Convict #2

John Walton as Belarus Convict #3

Lani John Tupu as El Salvador Warden

Peter Kent as El Salvador Scout

Evert McQueen as El Salvador Cameraman

Brad McMurray as El Salvador Guard #1

Daniel Pirrone-Cook as El Salvador Guard #2

Robert (Robbie) Reitano as Latino Convict

Jimmy Christiansen as Lone Technician

Anthony Chan as Control Room Technician

Kaitlyn Clare as Control Room Technician

Kurt Durval as Control Room Technician

Josh Futcher as Control Room Technician

Jesse Pikler-Brembly as Control Room Technician

Miranda Podleska as Control Room Technician

Annie Jones as Karen (uncredited)

Avelino 'El Rico' Lescot as Salvadorian on death row (uncredited)

Rick Anderson as Stuntperson

Renee Bowen as Stuntperson

Brad Buckley as Stuntperson

Marky Lee Campbell as Stuntperson

Ashley Fairfield as Stuntperson

Sam Greco as Stuntperson

Nathan Lawson as Stuntperson

Angela Moore as Stuntperson

Richard Norton as Stuntperson

Gulliver Page as Stuntperson

John Reynolds as Stuntperson

Yasca Sinigaglia as Stuntperson

Greg Stuart as Stuntperson

Mark Wickham as Stuntperson

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