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Cool Dog


Released 2010

Danny Lerner = Director

Matthew F. Leonetti Jr. = Producer

Les Weldon = Producer

Avi Lerner = Executive Producer

Danny Dimbort = Executive Producer

Boaz Davidson = Executive Producer

Trevor Short = Executive Producer

Kristina Dubin = Executive Producer

Diego J. Martinez = Executive Producer

Michael Paré as Dean

Jackson Pace as Jimmy

Jennifer 'Jen' Kober as Muriel

David Jensen as Rueben

Dane Rhodes as Seagal

Christa Campbell as Laura

Cameron Alyssa Ten Napel as Amy

David Dahl as Captain Nelson

Ryan Akin as Billy

Kent Jude Bernard as Charlie

Michael Showers as New York Cop 1

Edrick Browne as New York Cop 2

James DuMont as Derek

Bryce Cass as Friend 1

Ryan Glorioso as Gostavo

George Wilson as Homeless Man

Ouida White as Little Old Lady

Richard Folmer as Mayor

Robert Larriviere as Mr. Newman

Patrick Kirton as Parent #1

Brian Kinney as Police Man

James Hébert as Punk

Saxon Sharbino as Sharon

Nedal Yousef as Vendor

Jeff S. Riddick Jr. as Clive

Johnny Michael Horne as Jojo

Joshua Thompson as NYC Teenager

Hevin Hampton as Paramedic

Billy Slaughter as Parking Valet

Randal Reeder as Rocco Delivery Guy

James Paul as Cab Driver (uncredited)

Kevin Beard as Thief (uncredited)

Jennifer Benton as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Daulton Brewer as Guy Laughing in Alley (uncredited)

John Chambers as Fat Security Guard (uncredited)

Kip Cummings as Detective (uncredited)

Ella Davidson as New York pedestrian (uncredited)

Tammy Eaton as Passenger on Train (uncredited)

Juanita Harrison as NY & Louisiana Pedestrian (uncredited)

Avery Kelley as NY Kid on Bus (uncredited)

Amber Dawn Landrum as Amy's Sister (uncredited)

Kenneth Lecompte as Restaurant Patron with BMW (uncredited)

Lee Ann McDade as Eagle Rock Pedestrian (uncredited)

Chase McDaniel as NY School Boy (uncredited)

Eric Kelly McFarland as New York Pedestrian (uncredited)

Erika Perez as Hotdog Stand Customer (uncredited)

Halley Rachal as New York City Girl (uncredited)

Brighton Sharbino as Sharon's Sister (uncredited)

Harvard Taylor as Extra (uncredited)

Chuck Vail as Skinny Security Guard (uncredited)

Thomas Wallace as Train Station Passenger (uncredited)

Ainslee Waterston as NY School Girl (uncredited)

Jill Waterston as Jimmy's Mother (uncredited)

Danny Cosmo as Stuntperson

Emily Brobst as Stuntperson

Jessika Brodosi as Stuntperson

Jim Henry as Stuntperson

Mark De Alessandro as Stuntperson

Thomas Roach as Stuntperson

Trace Cheramie as Stuntperson

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