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Cop And A Half


Released 1993

Henry Winkler = Director

Paul Maslansky = Producer

Elaine Hall = Associate Producer

Tova Laiter = Executive Producer

Burt Reynolds as Nick McKenna

Norman D. Golden II as Devon Butler

Ruby Dee as Rachel

Holland Taylor as Captain Rubio

Ray Sharkey as Vinnie Fountain

Sammy Hernandez as Raymond Sanchez

Frank Sivero as Chu

Rocky Giordani as Quintero

Marc Macaulay as Waldo

Tom McCleister as Rudy

Ralph Wilcox as Det. Matt McPhail

Tom Kouchalakos as Det. Jenkins

Carmine Genovese as Rio

Sean Evan O'Neal as Det. McNally

Max Winkler as Boy in Bathroom

Steve Carlisle as Mr. Herman Fleming

Annabelle Weenick as Mrs. Boyle

Paul Vroom as Purse Thief

Tim Goodwin as Bobo #1 Artist

Mike Benitez as Bobo #2

Maria Canals-Barrera as Mrs. Bobo #2

Nils Allen Stewart as Bobo #3 Thug

Chester Grimes as Steve the Bartender

Claudette McAdoo as Homeowner #3

Becky Kluzek as Martha

Amanda Seales as Katy

Nicholas Caruso as Boy #1

Shane Obedzinski as Boy #2

Jennifer Howard as Jump Rope Twin

Ashley Howard as Jump Rope Twin

Malia Tuaileva as Maria

Kenneth Taylor as Passing Cop

Nicole Bradley as Watching Cop #1

Bill Cordell as Mr. Perm

Sandra Itzin Gallo as Police Dispatcher

Amy Stephen Wilder as Lady with Groceries

Alan Landers as Attorney (TV Show)

Judy Clayton as District Attorney

Andrew Reynolds as Skateboard Kid

Debra Becker as Debra, TV Reporter

David Netter as (voice) (uncredited)

Ossie Davis as Detective in Squad Room (uncredited)

Patrick Fullerton as Passerby on street (uncredited)

Jay Villwock as Reporter (uncredited)

Billy Gardner III as Stuntperson

Chick Bernhardt as Stuntperson

Tom Bahr as Stuntperson

Butch Brickell as Stuntperson

Victoria Ann Bolt as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Ray Bryant as Stuntperson

Steve (Stephen) P. Hart as Stuntperson

Laura Dash as Stuntperson

Christine Iavarone as Stuntperson

Michael (Mike) Haynes as Stuntperson

Anderson (Andy) Martin as Stuntperson

Mike Kirton as Stuntperson

Jeff Moldovan as Stuntperson

Mari Miranda as Stuntperson

Al Perez as Stuntperson

Frank Orsatti as Stuntperson

Buddy Reynolds as Stuntperson

Lisa Jean Renzetti as Stuntperson

Bill Scharpf as Stuntperson

James Hooks Reynolds as Stuntperson

Joanna Shelmidine as Stuntperson

Todd Seeley as Stuntperson

Gar Stephen as Stuntperson

Jeff Smolek as Stuntperson

Tommy (Mack) Turvey as Stuntperson

Lesa Thurman as Stuntperson

Amy Stephen Wilder as Stuntperson

Lance Gilbert as Stuntperson

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