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Cop Out


Released 2010

Kevin Smith = Director

Marc Platt = Producer

Polly Cohen Johnsen = Producer

Michael Tadross = Producer

Raymond Quinlan = Associate Producer

Adam Siegel = Executive Producer

Robb Cullen = Executive Producer

Mark Cullen = Executive Producer

Bruce Willis as Jimmy Monroe

Tracy Morgan as Paul Hodges

Juan Carlos Hernández as Raul

Cory Fernandez as Juan

Jason Hurt as Youth 1

Jeff Lima as Youth 2

Sean Cullen as Captain Romans

Kevin Pollak as Hunsaker

Adam Brody as Barry Mangold

Guillermo Díaz as Poh Boy

Alberto Bonilla as Julio

Robinson Aponte as Banger 1

Jeremy Dash as Banger 2

Mando Alvarado as Mexican Man 1

Michelle Trachtenberg as Ava

Jason Lee as Roy

Francie Swift as Pam

Rashida Jones as Debbie

Keith Joe Dick as Big Al

Seann William Scott as Dave

Ernest O'Donnell as Masked Man 1

Jim Norton as George

Susie Essman as Laura

John D'Leo as Kevin

Adrian Martinez as Tino

Marcus I. Morton as Tommy

Fred Armisen as Russian Lawyer

Hannah Ware as Mrs. Armisen

Ana de la Reguera as Gabriela

Ephraim López as Busboy

Mark Consuelos as Manuel

Jayce Bartok as Eddie

Larissa Drekonja as Hourly Housekeeper

Jacinto Taras Riddick as Darnell

Jeff Chena as Cop

Jordan Carlos as Eric

Robb Cullen as Coroner

Raymond Quinlan as Priest

Ryan Quinlan as Groom

Michael A. Pitt as Henry, the Neighbor

John Auer as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Kevin Cannon as Precinct Most Wanted (uncredited)

J. R. Carter as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Joseph Cintron as Jose (uncredited)

Stracy Diaz as Bruja (uncredited)

Joe Dolinsky as Cop (uncredited)

Aristedes Philip DuVal as Pizza Parlor Patron (uncredited)

Elli as Elli the Gyro Vendor (uncredited)

Chris Haemmerle as NYPD Sergeant Genz (uncredited)

Gina Hernandez as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Omar Hernandez as Inmate #2 (uncredited)

Tanzeel Kayani as NYPD Officer (uncredited)

Anna Kuchma as Car Accident Witness (uncredited)

Dennis Larkin as Detective (uncredited)

Jacqueline Murphy as News Reporter (uncredited)

Michael Perez as Guy Chaser (uncredited)

Harry L. Seddon as N.Y.C. Police E.S.U., SWAT (uncredited)

Richard Shankman as EMT (uncredited)

Bill Walters as Subway Rider (uncredited)

Steven Weisz as CSU Officer West (uncredited)

Deantre Williams as EMS (uncredited)

Bill Anagnos as Stuntperson

Bobby Beckles as Stuntperson

Jay Boryea as Stuntperson

Tim Buchanan as Stuntperson

Chris Carr as Stuntperson

Chris Colombo as Stuntperson

Ron Delladonna as Stuntperson

Stracy Diaz as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Danny Downey as Stuntperson

Eddie J. Fernandez as Junior, Stuntperson

Tim Gallin as Stuntperson

Joey Giambattista as Pito, Stuntperson

Cort Hessler as Stuntperson

Donald John Hewitt as Stuntperson

Jennifer Lamb Hewitt as Stuntperson

Colleen Ketchum as Stuntperson

Asa Liebmann as Stuntperson

Roberto Lopez as Stuntperson

Gino Lucci as Stuntperson

Steve Mack as Stuntperson

Hans Marrero as Jose, Stuntperson

John A. McGinty as Stuntperson

Ian Mclaughlin as Stuntperson

Chazz Menendez as Stuntperson

Mick O'Rourke as Stuntperson

Michael Angelo Ortiz as Stuntperson

Elliot Santiago as Lonzo, Stuntperson

Philip J Silvera as Stuntperson

Derrick Simmons as Stuntperson

Stuart F. Wilson as Stuntperson

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