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Copper Mountain


Released 1983

David Mitchell = Director

Damian Lee = Producer

David Mitchell = Producer

Jacques Ganin = Associate Producer

Serge Trigano = Associate Producer

Lowell Conn = Executive Producer

Damian Lee = Executive Producer

Jim Carrey as Bobby Todd

Alan Thicke as Jackson Reach

Richard Gautier as Sonny Silverton

Ziggy Lorenc (Laurence) as Michelle

Rod Hebron as Yogi Hebadaddy

Jean Laplac as Chef de Village

Randi Brooks as Girl #1

Toni St. Vincent as Girl #2

Bita Jaretta as Girl at the Bar

Bruce Carr as Race Official

Paul Lodi as Race Starter

Jean-Claude Killy as Himself

Damian Lee as Helicopter Guide

Edwin Halsnes as Himself

Barry Stone as Reporter #1

Robert Gage as Reporter #2

Danny Marks as Guitarist

David James as Drummer

Steve Sexton as Keyboardist

Mike Utley as Keyboardist

Brian Bell as Bass Guitarist

Jon Bojicic as Rythm Guitarist

Tamara Champlin as Vocalist

Rita Coolidge as Herself

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