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Corpse Bride


Released 2005

Tim Burton = Director

Mike Johnson = Director

Tim Burton = Producer

Allison Abbate = Producer

Tracy Shaw = Associate Producer

Derek Frey = Associate Producer

Jeffrey Auerbach = Executive Producer

Joe Ranft = Executive Producer

Johnny Depp as voice of Victor Van Dort

Helena Bonham Carter as voice of Corpse Bride

Emily Watson as voice of Victoria Everglot

Tracey Ullman as voices of Nell Van Dort & Hildegarde

Paul Whitehouse as voices of William Van Dort, Mayhew

& Paul The Head Waiter

Joanna Lumley as voice of Maudeline Everglot

Albert Finney as voice of Finis Everglot

Richard E. Grant as voice of Barkis Bittern

Christopher Lee as voice of Pastor Galswells

Michael Gough as voice of Elder Gutknecht

Jane Horrocks as voices of Black Widow Spider & Mrs. Plum

Enn Reitel as voices of Maggot & Town Crier

Deep Roy as voice of General Bonesapart

Danny Elfman as voice of Bonejangles

Stephen Ballantyne as voice of Emil

Lisa Kay as voice of Solemn Village Boy

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