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The Corruptor


Released 1999

James Foley = Director

Dan Halsted = Producer

Jonathan Krauss = Co-Executive Producer

Brian Witten = Co-Executive Producer

Oliver Stone = Executive Producer

Terence Chang = Executive Producer

Bill Carraro = Executive Producer

Jay Stern = Executive Producer

Chow Yun-Fat as Nick Chen

Mark Wahlberg as Danny Wallace

Ric Young as Henry Lee

Paul Ben-Victor as Schabacker

Jon Kit Lee as Jack

Andrew Pang as Willy Ung

Elizabeth Lindsey as Louise Deng

Brian Cox as Sean Wallace

Byron Mann as Bobby Vu

Kim Chan as Benny Wong

Bill McDonald as Vince Kirkpatrick

Susie Trinh as Amy San

Ho Chow as Black Eyes

Olivia Yap as Tai

Lynda Chiu as Kim

Marie Matiko as May

Pak-Kong Ho as Phan Ho

Tim Progosh as Lackey

Beau Starr as Captain Stan Klein

LeRoy Allen as Guard One

Simon B. Cotter as Lawyer

Frank Pellegrino as Large Agent

Tovah Feldshuh as US Attorney Margaret Wheeler

Tig Fong as Sumo Guard

Chuck Scarborough as Self/TV Reporter

Karen Huie as Woman in Brothel

Mike Jung as Doctor

Howard Hoover as Smaller Agent

Lucille Soong as Elderly Immigrant

Mark Williams as Co. Captain

Alice Poon as Masseuse

Jason Ting as Young Boy

Arthur Lo as Man on Street

Alice Lee Chun as Frightened Woman

Brian Imada as Stunt Double

Patrick Mark as Stunt Double

Phil Chiu as Stunt Fukienese

Dean Choe as Stunt Fukienese

Marco Bianco as Stunt Person

Brian Smyj as Stunt Person

Daniel May Wong as Stunt Person

Jimmy Pui Wong as Stunt Person

John Richard Favre as Stunt Person

D. C. Glenn as Stunt Person

Mic O'Rourke as Stunt Person

Debbie Greg as Stunt Person

Chuck Margiotta as Stunt Person

Eugene Harrison as Stunt Person

Sandy Alexander as Stunt Person

Eric Weinstein as Stunt Person

Donald J. Hewitt Jr. as Stunt Person

Jalil Lynch as Stunt Person

Donald Hewitt Sr. as Stunt Person

Bill Anagnos as Stunt Person

Jeffrey Lee Gibson as Stunt Person

Douglas Crosby as Stunt Person

Charles H. Page as Stunt Person

Brian Jagersky as Stunt Person

Victor Chan as Stunt Person

John Kovama as Stunt Person

Tommy Chang as Stunt Person

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