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The Country Bears


Released 2002

Peter Hastings = Director

Jeffrey Chernov = Producer

Andrew Gunn = Producer

John G. Scotti = Associate Producer

Haley Joel Osment as Voice of Beary Barrington

Diedrich Bader as Officer Cheets & Voice of Ted Bedderhead

Candy Ford as Voice of Trixie

James Gammon as Voice of Big Al

Brad Garrett as Voice of Fred Bedderhead

Toby Huss as Voice of Tennessee O'Neal

Kevin Michael Richardson as Voice of Henry

Stephen Root as Voice of Zeb

Christopher Walken as Reed Thimple

Stephen Tobolowsky as Norbert Barrington

Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell as Officer Hamm

M.C. Gainey as Roadie

Alex Rocco as Rip Holland

Meagen Fay as Mrs. Barrington

Eli Marienthal as Dex Barrington

Queen Latifah as Cha-Cha

Chip Chinery as Tom Tamina

Carolyn Almos as Tina Tamina

Marcus Knight as Chef

Michael Lawrence Morgan as Benny Bogswaggle

Alpheus Merchant as Elderly Black Man

Daniel Escobar as Store Manager

Christopher Darga as Mr. Slamboni

Jess Harnell as Long-Haired Dude

Ann Hastings as Elderly Woman

Paul Rugg as TV Reporter

Dennis E. O'Donnell as Wedding Band Member

Michael R. Hastings as Wedding Band Member

Peter Leinheiser as Wedding Band Member

Arthur (Art) F. Repola as Wedding Band Member

Betty Weiss as Cashier

Jennifer S. Paige as Waitress

Josh Quirk as Fry Cook

Sean O'Connell as Grip

Larry Burke as Video Roadie

Krystal (Marie Harris) as Herself

Don Henley as Himself/Tennessee O'Neal (singing voice)

Wyclef Jean as Himself

Elton John as Himself

Willie Nelson as Himself

Bonnie Raitt as Herself/Trixie St. Claire (singing voice)

Brian Setzer as Himself

Don Was as Himself

Xzibit as Himself

Juliannne Buescher as Puppeteer (Tennessee)

Terri Hardin as Puppeteer (Trixie/Big Al)

John Kennedy as Puppeteer (Zeb)

Bruce Lanoil as Puppeteer (Henry)

Michelan Sisti as Puppeteer (Ted)

Allan Trautman as Puppeteer (Fred)

Alice Dinnean Vernon as Puppeteer (Beary)

Misty Rosas as Suit Performer (Beary Barrington)

Tom Fisher as Suit Performer

Kaepan Shaw as Suit Performer

Tony Prince as Suit Performer

Jody St. Michael as Suit Performer

Brian Larosa as Suit Performer (Ted Bedderhead)

Denise Cheshire-Pearlman as Suit Performer

John Alexander as Suit Performer

Bobbie Bates as Dancer

Timothy Anderson as Cafe Patron/Dancer

Bubba Carr as Dancer

Billy J. Bonsangue as Dancer

Carla Earle as Dancer

Carroll J. Conners as Dancer

Aisha Jamila Francis as Dancer

John Ronald Dennis as Dancer

Sandi Johnson as Dancer

Brian Friedman as Dancer

Birl Jonns as Dancer

Jennifer L. Hamilton as Dancer/Waitress

Nancy O'Meara as Dancer

Brandon Henschel as Dancer

Ayesha Orange as Dancer

Reginald Jackson as Dancer

Katy Roy as Dancer

Anthony Marciona as Dancer

Pamela (Pam) Rossi as Dancer

Morris J. O'Connor as Dancer

Kevin Stea as Dancer

Beverly Polcyn as Dancer

Roland Tabor as Dancer

Bubba Deam Rambo as Dancer

Darrel Wright as Dancer

Shealan Spencer as Dancer

Karl Wright as Dancer

Anthony Talauega as Dancer

Jason Yribar as Dancer

ichmond Talauega as Dancer

Michelle Elkin as Dancer

Grant Taskerud as Dancer

Becca Sweitzer as Dancer

Anne Vardanian as Dancer

Tovaris Wilson as Dancer

Salvatore Vassallo as Dancer

Russell Wright as Dancer

Clinton Derricks-Carroll as Dancer

Karen Elmore as Singer (uncredited)

Davey Faragher as Soundtrack singer (uncredited)

Patrice Fisher as Backup Singer (uncredited)

Marc C. Geschwind as Bartender (uncredited)

Gregory Graham as Cowboy Party Guest (uncredited)

Colin Hay as (singing voice) (uncredited)

Melissa S. Markess as Shop Assistant (uncredited)

Peter Siragusa as Victor The Vulture (uncredited)

Kevin Alexander Stea as Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Grant Taskerud as Guitarist (uncredited)

Bernie Dresel as Drummer - Brian Setzer (uncredited)

Mary Kircher as Car Polish Expert (uncredited)

Tara Tortorello as Bride (uncredited)

Bob Brown as Stuntperson

Charlie Brewer as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Dan Flannigan as Stuntperson

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Christian J. Fletcher as Stuntperson

Keith Davis as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Danny Downey as Stuntperson

Kent W. Luttrell as Stuntperson

Brian Duffy as Stuntperson

Robert E. Nelson as Stuntperson

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Mark Ginther as Stuntperson

Michael (Mike) Runyard as Stuntperson

Jimmy Graham as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Josh Kemble as Stuntperson

Jim Sharp as Stuntperson

Paul Lane as Stuntperson

(Joseph) Banzai Vitale as Stuntperson

Rob Mars as Stunt Double: Diedrich Bader

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

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