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The Covenant


Released 2006

Renny Harlin = Director

Gary Lucchesi = Producer

Tom Rosenberg = Producer

Marc Silvestri = Associate Producer

J. S. Cardone = Executive Producer

Scott Einbinder = Executive Producer

Carol Kottenbrook = Executive Producer

Andre Lamal = Executive Producer

James McQuaide = Executive Producer

Roger Mincheff = Executive Producer

Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers

Laura Ramsey as Sarah Wenham

Sebastian Stan as Chase Collins

Taylor Kitsch as Pogue Parry

Chace Crawford as Tyler Simms

Toby Hemingway as Reid Garwin

Jessica Lucas as Kate Tunney

Kyle Schmid as Aaron Abbot

Wendy Crewson as Evelyn Danvers

Stephen McHattie as James Danvers

Kenneth Welsh as Provost Higgins

Christian Baril as Dead Teenage Boy

Barbara Basia-Jasinski as Nicky's Bar Waitress

Rob Burns as Mr. Pennyworth

Robert Crooks as Ryan Bael

Steven Crowder as Party Kid

Larry Day as Patrolman Reeve

Vito DeFilippo as Mr. Hoffman

Jonathan Deveau as Semi-Driver

Frank Fontaine as Gorman Twoberry

Dawn Ford as School Nurse

Paul Hopkins as Fireman

Pierre Leblanc as Mr. Waugh

Travis Martin as Student

Basil McKenna as Patrolman Endore

Jon McLaren as Bordy Becklin

Neil Napier as Coach Hamm

Charles Papasoff as Security Guard

John Robinson as Patrolman Byers

Sarah Smyth as Kira Snider

Paul Stewart as School Doctor

Jean-Loup Yale as Nicky the Bartender

Richard Zeman as Sergeant Sobel

Alain Berard as Stuntperson

Mike Chute as Stuntperson

Marc Desourdy as Stuntperson

Felix Famelart as Stuntperson

Jere Gillis as Stuntperson

Nathalie Girard as Stuntperson

Francois Gauthier as Stuntperson

Tyler K. Hall as Stuntperson

Patrick Kerton as Stuntperson

Yves Langlois as Stuntperson

Karine Lemieux as Stuntperson

Thomas Liccioni as Stuntperson

France Raymond as Stuntperson

Michael Scherer as Stuntperson

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