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Cradle 2 The Grave


Released 2003

Andrzej Bartkowiak = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Richard Mirisch = Associate Producer

Gil Williams = Associate Producer

Susan (Downey) Levin = Co-Producer

Melina Kevorkian = Co-Producer

Ray Copeland = Executive Producer

Herbert W. Gains = Executive Producer

Jet Li as Su

DMX as Fait

Anthony Anderson as Tommy

Kelly Hu as Sona

Tom Arnold as Archie

Mark Dacascos as Ling

Gabrielle Union as Daria

Michael Jace as Odion

Drag-On as Miles

Paige Hurd as Vanessa

Paolo Seganti as Christopher

Richard Trapp as Douglas

Ron Yuan as Laser Tech

Woon Young Park as Bald Enforcer

Johnny Nguyen as Ling's Hitman

Marcus Young as Ling's Hitman

Stephen Quadros as Prison Guard Vogel

Sean Cory as Willy Chickens

Theodore (Ture) Toure Johnson Jr. as Jewelry Security Guard

Beth Gains as 911 Operator

Gwen McGee as Subway Driver

Roxana Brusso as Vanessa's Nanny

Maximilian A. Mastrangelo as Archie's Worker

Mighty Rasta as Chamber's Club Doorman

'Doc' Newman as Odion's Bodyguard

Paolo Mastropietro as Fight Club Doorman

Martin Klebba as Fight Announcer

Shawn Hollinger as Fight Club Bookie

Tim Storms as Referee

Randy Couture as Fighter #8

Hector Echavarria as Ultimate Fighter

Chuck Liddell as Ultimate Fighter

Tito Ortiz as Ultimate Fighter

Tom McCleister as Fight Club Fan

Wiley M. Pickett as Police Officer

Andre Ware as Pinky Ring Man

Larry Joshua as Cop in Vault

Chic Daniel as SWAT Cop

John Dohle as SWAT Cop

James Hart II as SWAT Cop

Jake Muxworthy as Paramedic

Matt Baker as Motorcycle Rider

Daniel Dae Kim as Visiting Expert

Douglas Spearman as African Buyer

Michael Desante as Egyptian Buyer

Julie Du Page as French Buyer

Hari Dhillon as Pakistani Buyer

Peter J. Lucas as Russian Buyer

Erik Betts as African Financial Consultant (uncredited)

Troy Brenna as Broken Arm Cage Fighter (uncredited)

Aaron Brumfield as Guard (uncredited)

Kevin Grevioux as Prison Guard (uncredited)

Mark Hicks as Cage Fighter (uncredited)

William L. Johnson as Black Diamond Carrier Armored Driver (uncredited)

Nikki Martin as Ring Girl (uncredited)

Chi McBride as Jump Chambers (uncredited)

Bob Perry as Bodyguard (uncredited)

Ungenita Prevost as Ring Girl (uncredited)

Vanessa Thomson as Waitress (uncredited)

Aaron Toney as Spectator (uncredited)

Garrett Warren as Cage Fighter (uncredited)

Natasha Yi as Club girl (uncredited)

Robert Alonzo as Stuntperson

David McCoy Barrett as Stuntperson

Stanton Barrett as Stuntperson

Daniel W. Barringer as Stuntperson

Randy Beckman as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Ben Bray as Stuntperson

Troy Brenna as Stuntperson

Arnold Chon as Stuntperson

Kelsee Devoreaux as Stuntperson

Mark J. Donaldson as Stuntperson

Brennan Dyson as Stuntperson

Ousaun Elam as Stuntperson

Clay Donahue Fontenot as Stuntperson

Mike Justus as Stuntperson

Ming Liu as Stuntperson

Jalil Jay Lynch as Stuntperson

Sammy Maloof as Stuntperson

Glen Malmskog as Stuntperson

Angela Meryl as Stuntperson

Norby as Stuntperson

Peewee Piemonte as Stuntperson

Casey Pieretti as Stuntperson

Darrin Precott as Stuntperson

Tim Rigby as Stuntperson

Scott Rogers as Stuntperson

Kevin C. Scott as Stuntperson

Rick Shuster as Stuntperson

Gary Stearns as Stuntperson

C. C. Taylor as Stuntperson

Jon Valera as Stuntperson

Garrett Warren as Stuntperson

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