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The Crew


Released 2000

Michael Dinner = Director

Barry Sonnenfeld = Producer

Barry Josephson = Producer

Andria Litto = Associate Producer

Lisa Ellzey = Associate Producer

Zane Weiner = Co-Producer

George Litto = Executive Producer

Michael S. Glick = Executive Producer

Richard Dreyfuss as Bobby Bartellemeo & Narrator

Burt Reynolds as Joey 'Bats' Pistella

Dan Hedaya as Mike 'The Brick' Donatelli

Seymour Cassel as Tony 'Mouth' Donato

Carrie-Anne Moss as Detective Olivia Neal

Jennifer Tilly as Ferris 'aka Maureen' Lowenstein

Lainie Kazan as Pepper Lowenstein

Miguel Sandoval as Raul Ventana

Jeremy Piven as Det. Steve Menteer

Casey Siemaszko as Young Bobby Bartellemeo

Matt Borlenghi as Young Joey 'Bats' Pistella

Billy Jayne as Young Tony 'Mouth' Donato

Jeremy Ratchford as Young Mike 'The Brick' Donatelli

Mike Moroff as Jorge

Jose Zuniga as Escobar

Carlos Gómez as Miguel

Louis Guss as Jerry 'The Hammer' Fungo

Joe Rigano as Frankie 'Rash' Decuello

Ron Karabatsos as Fat Pauly

Frank Vincent as Marty

Manuel Estanillo as Louis Ventana

Marc Macaulay as Driver

Cullen Douglas as Young Man

Jim Coleman as Paramedic

Louis Lombardi as Jimmy Whistles

Aaron Elbaz as Young Joey

Vince Cecere as Wiseguy #1

Dana Daurey as Model Girl

Jeremy Shore as Model Guy

Hope Pomerance as Realtor

Penelope Alexitch as Girl #1

Christy Tummond as Girl #2

Evelyn Brooks as Grandmother

Don Williams as Elderly Husband

Jill Beach as Newscaster

Lorri Bagley as Sofa Girl

Antoni Cornacchione as Officer

Ian Marioles as Security Guard

Fyvush Finkel as Sol Lowenstein

Mal Jones as Dr. Ward

Ru Flynn as Mommy

Ginger Southall as Reporter

Gino Salvano as Raul Guy #2

Elizabeth Powers as Girl

Jay Cannistraci as Tommy 'Shakes'

John Archie as Doctor

Christa Campbell as Nurse

Adam Cronan as Burger King Manager

Judith Delgado as Judge

April Engel as Ferris Dancer

Patrick Fox as Jet Ski Kid

Daniel A. Leone as Barber Shop Guy

Allan Nicholls as Wiseguy #3

Yoset Rosenberg as Rabbi

Fabián Hernandez as Bus Boy

David H. Steel as Coach

Susie Park as Asian Masseuse

Carlo Perez Allen as Latino Mobster

George Fisher as Tony the Torch

Harry Boykoff as Louie the Lip

Tom Bahr as Stuntperson

Phil Holsher as Stuntperson

Chick Bernardt as Stuntperson

Cort Hessler III as Stuntperson

Sam Maloof as Stuntperson

Ken Collins as Stuntperson

J. C. Rabino as Stuntperson

Ricou Browning as Stuntperson

Jeff Moldovan as Stuntperson

Jim Churchman as Stuntperson

Jodi Wilson as Stuntperson

Ralph Gonzalez as Stuntperson

Alan Jordan as Stuntperson

Nick Brandon as Stuntperson

Tony DeLeon as Stuntperson

Gina Andrews as Stuntperson

Mark DeAlessandro as Stuntperson

Billy Bates as Stuntperson

Butch Brickell as Stuntperson

Alex Edlin as Stuntperson

Phil Hoelcher as Stuntperson

Mike Kirton as Stuntperson

E. T. Miranda as Stuntperson

Tony Parts as Stuntperson

Diego Perez as Stuntperson

Bud Davis as Stuntperson

Michael Haynes as Stuntperson

Brad Orison as Stuntperson

Tommy Rosales as Stuntperson

Jimmy Ortega as Stuntperson

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