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Crimson Tide


Released 1995

Tony Scott = Director

Don Simpson = Producer

Jerry Bruckheimer = Producer

James W. Skotchdopole = Associate Producer

Bill Unger = Executive Producer

Lucas Foster = Executive Producer

Mike Moder = Executive Producer

Denzel Washington as Lt. Cdr Ron Hunter

Gene Hackman as Capt. Frank Ramsey

Matt Craven as Lt. Roy Zimmer

George Dzundza as Chief of the Boat

Viggo Mortensen as Lt. Peter 'Weps' Ince

James Gandolfini as Lt. Bobby Dougherty

Rocky Carroll as Lt. Darik Westergaurd

Jaime P. Gomez as OOD Mahoney

Michael Milhoan as COW Hunsicker

Scott Burkholder as TSO Billy Linkletter

Danny Nucci as Danny Rivetti

Lillo Brancato Jr. as Russell Vossler

Eric Bruskotter as Bennefield

Rick Schroder as Lt. Paul Hellerman

Steve Zahn as William Barnes

Marcello Thedford as Lawson

R. J. Knoll as Marty Sotille

Billy Devlin as Navigator

Matt Barry as Planesman

Christopher Birt as Helmsman

Jim Boyce as Diving Officer

Jacob Vargas as Sonarman #2

Kai Lennox as Sonarman #3

Michael Weatherred as Radioman #1

Tommy Bush as Admiral Williams

Earl Billings as Rick Marichek

Mark Christopher Lawrence as Head Cook Rono

Michael Chieffo as Chief Kline

Ashley Smock as Guard #1

James Lesure as Guard #2

Trevor St. John as Launcher

Dennis Garber as Fire Control Technician

Vanessa Bell Calloway as Julia Hunter

Brenden Jefferson as Luke

Ashley Calloway as Robin

Daniel von Bargen as Vladimir Radchenko

Richard Valeriani as Reporter

Warren Olney as Anchorman

Rad Daly as Lt. Cmdr. Nelson

Sean O'Bryan as Phone Talker

Victor Togunde as Sailor with Oba

Troy A. Cephers as Sailor #1

Armand Watson as Seaman Davis

Brent Michael Goldberg as Phone Talker #2

Scott Grimes as Petty Officer Hilaire

Ryan Phillippe as Seaman Grattam

Dale Andre Lee Everett as Firing Key Runner

Angela Tortu as Ramsey Aide

Ronald Ramessar as Westergard Dad

Robin Faraday as Westergard Mom

Bob Stone as Bob the Magician

Henry Mortensen as Henry Ince

Chris Ellis as Additional Magician

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Don McGovern as Stuntperson

Pete Antico as Stuntperson

Tom Bruggemann as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Darren A. Caperna as Stuntperson

Jim Nickerson as Stuntperson

Carl Mergenthaler as Stuntperson

Conn Horgan as Stuntperson

Johnny M. Martin as Stuntperson

Gary Price as Stuntperson

Big Daddy Wayne as Stuntperson

Clayton Holt as Stuntperson

Robert Arnold as Stuntperson

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