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The Crocodile Hunter

Collision Course


Released 2002

John Stainton = Director

Judy Bailey = Producer

Arnold Rifkin = Producer

John Stainton = Producer

Bruce Willis = Executive Producer

Steve Irwin as Himself & Stuntperson

Terri Irwin as Herself

Magda Szubanski as Brozzie Drewitt

David Wenham as Sam Flynn

Lachy Hulme as Robert Wheeler

Aden Young as Ron Buckwhiler

Kenneth Ransom as Vaughan Archer

Kate Beahan as Jo Buckley

Steve Bastoni as Deputy Director Reynolds

Steven Vidler as Deputy Director Ansell

Alyson Standen as Anne Milking

Alex Ruiz as CIA Agent

David Franklin as CIA Agent

Robert Coleby as Dr. Weinberger

Kevin Hides as Dr. Krug

Christopher Morris as Canberra Space Technician

Todd Levi as Canberra Space Technician

Timothy Bottoms as President George W. Bush (uncredited)

Bindi Irwin as Herself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Luke Eccleston as Stuntperson

Zelie Thompson as Stuntperson

Neil Fanning as Stuntperson

Michelle Comerford as Stuntperson

Renee Bowen as Stuntperson

Mitch Deans as Stuntperson

Mick Corrigan as Stuntperson

Craig Dunn as Stuntperson

Steve Robinson as Stuntperson

Marney Commens as Stuntperson

Darko Tuscan as Stuntperson

Ray Anthony as Stuntperson

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