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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles


Released 2001

Simon Wincer = Director

Paul Hogan = Producer

Lance Hool = Producer

Conrad Hool = Co-Producer

Perry Katz = Co-Producer

Kathy Morgan = Executive Producer

Jim Reeve = Executive Producer

Steve Robbins = Executive Producer

Paul Hogan as Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee

Linda Kozlowski as Sue Charleton

Jere Burns as Arnan Rothman

Jonathan Banks as Milos Drubnik

Alec Wilson as Jacko

Gerry Skilton as Nugget O'Cass

Steve Rackman as Donk

Serge Cockburn as Mikey Dundee

Aida Turturro as Jean Ferraro

Paul Rodriguez as Diego

Kaitlin Hopkins as Miss Mathis

David Clendenning as English Tourist

Duke Bannister as American Tourist

Betty Bobbit as American Lady

Karen Crone as Barmaid Ida

Angela Campbell as Tourist Couple

Tiriel Mora as Tourist Couple

David Ngoombujarra as Arthur

Patrick Dargan as Troy

Matt Winston as Limo Driver

Morgan O'Neill as Matt

Clare Carey as Skater

Brian Turk as Driver

Vladimir McCrary as Driver

David Bickford as Driver

Rhonda Aldrich as Passenger

Kevin LaRosa as Chopper Pilot

Daryl Keith Roach as Cop

Joe Michael Burke as Cop

Jim Davidson as Cop

Hal Fishman as Himself

Marta Waller as Herself

Angelo Perez as Valet

Gerry Del Sol as Barman

Harvey Shain as Ponytail Guy

Keli Daniels as Didi

Lenny Citrano as Actor

Cara Michelle Meschter as Model

Matthew Kimbrough as Producer

Grant Piro as Guide

David Baldwin as Grumpy Guy

Gabriella Di Labio as Mrs. Grumpy

Alex Kuzelicki as Lethal Agent

Shanyn Asmar as Claire

John Billingsley as Barry

Jay Acovone as Eric

Gregg Donovan as Concierge

Chad Stephen Taylor as Juggler

Buddy Daniel Friedman as Pickpocket

Mark Kowalewycz as Trench Coat Man

Ty Smith as Trench Coat Man

David Franklin as Assistant Director

Van Markell as Director

Gregory Wheeler as Classmate

Steven Grives as Evil Barron

Alan Zitner as Trainer

Carey Embry as Cowgirl

Mark Adair-Rios as Gang Banger

Rick Gonzalez as Gang Banger

Kenneth Ransom as Phil

Nicholas Hammond as Curator

Slim DeGrey as Minister

Peter Kent as Carl

Ray Anthony as Thug

Darko Tuscan as Thug

Ric Anderson as Thug

Keir Beck as Thug

Ron Vreeken as Thug

Nick McKinless as Thug

Nick Lawson as Thug

Mike Tyson as Self Special Appearance

George Hamilton as Special Guest Appearance

Louise Boothby as Tourist on Bus (Uncredited)

Erick Carrillo as Valet Guy (Uncredited)

April Fitzsimmons as The Wendy's Girl (Voice)(Uncredited)

Elke Jeinsen as (Uncredited)

Ronnie Marmo as Photographer (Uncredited)

Brett Praed as Stuntperson

Spike Silver as Stuntperson

Marcus Freeman as Stuntperson

Robin Sherwood as Stuntperson

Ric Anderson as Stuntperson

Arthur Hoadley as Stuntperson

Kevin Scott as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

Tom Elliot as Stuntperson

Chris Howell as Stuntperson

Penny Everingham as Stuntperson

Doug Holgate as Stuntperson

Don Margolin as Stuntperson

Wayne Richardson as Stuntperson

M. Evan Jensen as Stuntperson

Jonathan Eusebio as Stuntperson

Todd Forsberg as Stuntperson

David Medrano as Stuntperson

Jason Russo as Stuntperson

Michael Bondelli as Stuntperson

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