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Curly Sue


Released 1991

John Hughes = Director

John Hughes = Producer

Lynn M. Morgan = Associate Producer

Tarquin Gotch = Executive Producer

James Belushi as Bill Dancer

Kelly Lynch as Grey Ellison

Alisan Porter as Curly Sue

John Getz as Walker McCormick

Fred Dalton Thompson as Bernard Oxbar

Cameron Thor as Maitre d'

Branscombe Richmond as Albert

Steve Carell as Tesio

Gail Boggs as Anise Hall

Burke Byrnes as Dr. Maxwell

Viveka Davis as Trina

Barbara Tarbuck as Mrs. Arnold

Edie McClurg as Secretary

Charles Adams as Prison Guard

James W. Boinski as Pawnbroker

Lyle Browne as Theater Patron

Nadine Burke as Social Worker

Adele Robbins as DCFS Caseworker

Carol Chickering as Soprano

Grace Collette as Foster Mother

Ralph Foody as Drifter

Cedrick Pipes as Cook

Alonzo Hall as Cook

Luke Reichle as Store Clerk 1

Joel Levin as Store Clerk 2

Tammy Karabas(-Brody) as Store Clerk 3

Patricia Hooker as Store Clerk 4

Joe Liss as Ticket Taker

Rocco Pecirno as Father of the Bride

Ely Pouget as Dinah Tompkins

Susan Mayer as Woman with Champagne Glass

John Ashton as Frank Arnold (uncredited)

James DeAngelo as Hobo (uncredited)

Shon Little as Federico (uncredited)

Larry Nazimek as Homeless Person (uncredited)

Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc as State Trooper (uncredited)

Troy Brown as Stuntperson

Freddie Hice as Stuntperson

Johnny Hock as Stuntperson

Rick Le Fevour as Stuntperson

Stacy Logan as Stuntperson

Daniel Maldonado as Stuntperson

Cris Thomas-Palomino as Stuntperson

Randy Popplewell as Stuntperson

Chad Randall as Stuntperson

Rich Wilkie as Stuntperson

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