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The Cutter


Released 2005

William Tannen = Director

Pinchas Perry = Producer

Bruce Haskett = Associate Producer

Aaron Norris = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris = Executive Producer

Avi Lerner = Executive Producer

Boaz Davidson = Executive Producer

Danny Dimbort = Executive Producer

Trevor Short = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris as John Shepherd

Joanna Pacula as Elizabeth Teller

Daniel Bernhardt as Dirk

Bernie Kopell as Issac Teller

Todd Jensen as Michael Parks

Marshall R. Teague as Robert Moore

Tracy Scoggins as Alena

Curt Lowens as Simon Heschel

Deron McBee as Alex & Repairman

Dean Cochran as Eddie Giraldi

Mark Ivanir as Doctor Joseph

Víctor 'Vic' Quintero as Man 1

Rick Avery as Man 2

Aaron Norris as Interpol, Tony Maylam

Mickey Mank as Old Woman

Elsa Raven as Mrs. Rosen

Dennis Kleinsmith as Rabbi Mendel

Eli Danker as Professor Abrams

Morcedes Brown as Calvin

Elliott Fischer as Russian 1

Vladimir Orlov as Russian 2

Ron Otis as Russian 3

Steve Curran as Russian 4

Terry Sticka as Mon McGrath

Shadi Dwait as Kareem

John Uhlman as David

Gretchen Oyster as Rachel

Tarri Markell as Julia

Simone Levin as Mary

John T. Woods as Sergeant

Tony Lincoln as Schachter

Wonder Russell as Ruth Mueller

Cole Gamble as Young Col. Speerman (uncredited)

Jhon Goodwin as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Tom Olson as Young Issac Teller (uncredited)

Jerry Sciarrio as Mechanic (uncredited)

Olga Tannen as Mourner (uncredited)

James M. Tilley as Spokane Police Detective (uncredited)

Chip Wright as Stuntperson

Jeff Wolf as Stuntperson

Russell Towery as Stuntperson

Art Hickman as Stuntperson

Jerry Buxbaum as Stuntperson

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