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The Adventures of

Shark Boy and Lava Girl


Released 2005

Robert Rodriguez = Director

Elizabeth Avellan = Producer

Bob Weinstein = Executive Producer

Harvey Weinstein = Executive Producer

Taylor Lautner as Sharkboy

Taylor Dooley as Lavagirl

Cayden Boyd as Max

David Arquette as Max's Dad

Jacob Davich as Linus/Minus

Kristin Davis as Max's Mom

Sasha Pieterse as Marissa/Ice Princess

George Lopez as Mr. Electric/Tobor/Ice Guardian/Mr. Electricidad

Rico Torres as Sharkboy's Dad

Marc Musso as Classroom Kid #1

Shane Graham as Classroom Kid #2

Tiger Darrow as Classroom Kid #3

Rocket Rodriguez as Lug

Racer Rodriguez as Sharkboy, Age 7

Rebel Rodriguez as Sharkboy, Age 5

Chloe Gunther Chung as Classroom Kid (uncredited)

Mackenzie Fitzgerald as Playground Kid (uncredited)

Tania Haddad as Classroom Kid (uncredited)

Peyton Hayslip as Teacher (uncredited)

Joanna McCray as Extra (uncredited)

Spencer Scott as Playground Bully (uncredited)

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