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The Chronicles of Narnia

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Released 2005

Andrew Adamson = Director

Mark Johnson = Producer

David Minkowski = Producer

Philip Steuer = Producer

Matthew Stillman = Producer

K. C. Hodenfield = Associate Producer

Douglas Gresham = Co-Producer

Andrew Adamson = Executive Producer

Perry Moore = Executive Producer

Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie

Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie

William Moseley as Peter Pevensie

Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie

Tilda Swinton as White Witch

James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus

Jim Broadbent as Professor Kirke

Kiran Shah as Ginarrbrik

James Cosmo as Father Christmas

Judy McIntosh as Mrs. Pevensie

Elizabeth Hawthorne as Mrs. Macready

Patrick Kake as Oreius

Shane Rangi as General Otmin

Brandon Cook as Boy on Train

Cassie Cook as Girl on Train

Morris Lupton as Train Conductor

Shelly Edwards(-Bishop) as Distraught Mother

Susan Haldane as Distraught Mother

Margaret Bremner as Distraught Mother

Jaxin Hall as Soldier

Terry Murdoch as German Pilot

Katrina Browne as Green Dryad

Lee Tuson as Rumblebuffin the Giant

Elizabeth Kirk as Hag

Felicity Hamill as Hag

Kate O'Rourke as Hag

Sonya Hitchcock as Hag

Lucy Tanner as Hag

Tiggy Mathias as Hag

Greg Cooper as Faun

Richard King as Faun

Russell Pickering as Faun

Ben Barrington as Centaur

Charles Williams as Centaur

Vanessa Cater as Centaur

Allison Sarofim as Centaur

Alina Phelan as Centaur Archer

Stephen Ure as Satyr

Sam La Hood as Satyr

Ajay Ratilal Navi as Red & Black Dwarf

Bhoja 'BK' Kannada as Red & Black Dwarf

Zakiuddin Mohd. Farooque as Red & Black Dwarf

M. Ramaswami as Red & Black Dwarf

Praphaphorn 'Fon' Chansantor as Red & Black Dwarf

Nikhom Nusungnern as Red & Black Dwarf

Doungdieo Savangvong as Red & Black Dwarf

Rachael Henley as Older Lucy

Mark Wells as Older Edmund

Noah Huntley as Older Peter

Sophie Winkleman as Older Susan

Liam Neeson as Voice of Aslan

Ray Winstone as Voice of Mr. Beaver

Dawn French as Voice of Mrs. Beaver

Rupert Everett as Voice of Mr. Fox

Cameron Rhodes as Voice of Gryphon

Philip Steuer as Voice of Philip the Horse

Jim May as Voice of Vardan

Sim Evan-Jones as Voice of Wolf

Douglas Gresham as Voice of Radio Announcer

Sandro Kopp as Centaur (uncredited)

Michael Madsen as Maugrim (uncredited)

Andrew Osbourne as Singer (uncredited)

Sala Baker as Stuntperson

Thomas Kiwi as Stuntperson

Trevor Bau as Stuntperson

Nick McKinless as Stuntperson

Sean Button as Stuntperson

Duncan McNaughton as Stuntperson

Pavel Cajzl as Stuntperson

Nooroa Poa as Stuntperson

Robert Cooper as Stuntperson

Dayna Porter as Stuntperson

Jonathan Costelloe as Stuntperson

Joshua Randall as Stuntperson

Tyrone Costelloe as Stuntperson

Mark (Markos) Rounthwaite as Stuntperson

Andrew Cottle as Stuntperson

Vincent Roxburgh as Stuntperson

Augie Davis as Stuntperson

Allan Smith as Stuntperson

Peter Dillon as Stuntperson

Mark Trotter as Stuntperson

Amanda Foubister as Stuntperson

James Waterhouse-Brown as Stuntperson

Siosa Fonua as Stuntperson

Zokir Sultanov as Stuntperson

Dave Ghan as Stuntperson

Elizabeth Walker as Stuntperson

El Rey Hernandez as Stuntperson

Hanus Weisl as Stuntperson

Robert Young as Stuntperson

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