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The Chronicles of Riddick


Released 2004

David Twohy = Director

Camille Brown = Producer

Vin Diesel = Producer

Scott Kroopf = Producer

Wendy Williams = Associate Producer

Tom Engelman = Co-Executive Producer

Ted Field = Executive Producer

David Womark = Executive Producer

George Zakk = Executive Producer

Vin Diesel as Riddick

Colm Feore as Lord Marshall

Thandie Newton as Dame Vaako

Judi Dench as Aereon

Karl Urban as Vaako

Alexa Davalos as Kyra

Linus Roache as Purifier

Yorick van Wageningen as The Guv

Nick Chinlund as Toombs

Keith David as Imam

Mark Gibbon as Irgun

Roger R. Cross as Toal

Terry Chen as Merc Pilot

Christina Cox as Eve Logan

Nigel Vonas as Merc

Shawn Reis as Merc

Fabian Gujral as Merc

Ty Olsson as Merc

Peter Williams as Convict

Darcy Laurie as Convict

John Mann as Convict

P. Adrien Dorval as Convict

Alexander Kalugin as Slam Boss

Douglas H. Arthurs as Slam Guard

Vitaly (Vitaliy) Kravchenko as Slam Guard

Ron Selmour as Slam Guard

Raoul Ganeev as Slam Guard

Mark Acheson as Slam Guard

Shohan Felber as Slam Guard

Ben Cotton as Slam Guard

Kimberly Hawthorne as Lajjun

Alexis Llewellyn as Ziza

Charles Zuckermann as Scales

Andy Thompson as Scalp Taker

Cedric De Souza as Black Robed/Meccan Cleric

Ahmad Sharmrou as Black Robed Cleric

Stefano Colacitti as Black Robed Cleric

Mina E. (Erian) Mina as Coptic Cleric

John Prowse as Bump Pilot

Lorena Gale as Defense Minister

Christopher Heyerdahl as Helion Politico

Rob Daly as Helion Politico

Michasha (Micasha) Armstrong as Lead Meccan Officer

Aaron Douglas as Young Meccan Soldier

Colin Corrigan as Vault Officer

Kristin Lehman as Shirah (Director's Cut)

Troy Jess Robinson as Stuntperson

Timothy Connolly as Stuntperson

Chad Bellamy as Stuntperson

Russell Stark as Stuntperson

Leanne Buchanan as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

James Michael Ryan as Stuntperson

Darryl Quon as Stuntperson

Paul Lazenby as Stuntperson

Peng Zhang as Stuntperson

Hubert Boorder as Stuntperson

Max White as Stuntperson

Huang Ming Jian as Stuntperson

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