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The Adventures of Young Van Helsing

The Quest For the Lost Scepter


Released 2004

Kevin Summerfield = Director

Kevin Summerfield = Producer

Jerome Pettaman = Executive Producer

Ken Mitzkovitz as Abraham Van Helsing

Freddie Sabaugh as Aki

Ned Narang as Professor Arad

Rabiah Elaawar as Estabon

Amneek Sandhu as Aldonza

Nahid Zoha as Fernando

Kara Edwards as Rita

Joe Zaso as Simon Magus

Keith Jordan as Michael Harris & Michael Van Helsing

Thomas 'Tomm' Bauer as Danny Morgan

Johnny Alonso as Karl Andrews

Omar Porter as Campbell

Ken Beal as Mr. Syler

Joy Griffin as Mary Ellen

Beauty Jackson as Beth

Thomas Haskell as Teacher Andrews

Lisa Willis as Aunt Molly Harris

T. J. Sicilia as Preston

Daniel J. Allen as Anthony

Melvyn Wallace as Mr. Morgan

Bo Mitchell as Little Danny Morgan

Jonathan Adock as Will Brown

Kimberly Botbyl as Morgan LeFay

Andy Hosmer as Puppeteer

Cathy Henderson as Puppeteer

Doug Henderson as Puppeteer

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