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To Dance With The White Dog


Released 1993

Glenn Jordan = Director

Patricia Clifford = Producer

Glenn Jordan = Producer

Bruce Savin = Co-Executive Producer

Terry Kay = Co-Producer

Brent Shields = Co-Producer

Patricia Clifford = Executive Producer

Richard Welsh = Executive Producer

Hume Cronyn as Robert Samuel Peek

Jessica Tandy as Cora Peek

Christine Baranski as Kate

Terry Beaver as Paul

Harley Cross as Bobby

Esther Rolle as Neelie

Frank Whaley as James

Amy Wright as Carrie

Dan Albright as Noah

Dan Biggers as Dr. Bennett

Janette Lane Bradbury as Mildred Cook

Warde Q. Butler as Neal Lewis

David Dwyer as Holman

Ed Grady as Herman Morris

Bob Hannah as Clete Walton

Frank Roberts as Howard Cook

Jack Swanson as Photographer

Alex Van as Pete Morris

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