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Date With An Angel


Released 1987

Tom McLoughlin = Director

Martha De Laurentiis (Schumacher) = Producer

José López Rodero = Associate Producer

Michael E. Knight as Jim Sanders

Phoebe Cates as Patty Winston

Emmanuelle Béart as Angel

David Dukes as Ed Winston

Phil Brock as George

Albert Macklin as Don

Peter Kowanko as Rex

Vinny Argiro as Ben Sanders

Bibi Besch as Grace Sanders

Cheryl A. Pollak as Rhonda, Cashier in Market

Steven Banks as Aldridge

Charles Lane as Father O'Shea

J. Don Ferguson as Harlan Rafferty

Bert Hogue as Police Officer #1

O'Clair Alexander as Police Officer #2

Tony Reitano as Love Bug Delivery Boy

Eve Brent as Matron #1

Muriel 'Dolly' Sherman as Matron #2

Karen Durda as Italian Lady

Leslie Norris as Receptionist

Thomas L. McIntyre as Male Executive

Nancy McLoughlin as Female Executive

Albert Ash as Wimpy Executive

Bonnie Johnson (Cook) as Another Executive

D. Anthony Pender as Wertheimer

Anna Maria Poon as Female Reporter

David Fitzsimmons as Male Reporter

Joe Herold as Reporter #1

Mimi Green as Reporter #2

Jerry Campbell as Gas Station Attendant

Tom McLoughlin as Owlish Man in Church

Marty Terry as Old Lady Pushing Cadillac (uncredited)

Allen Michael Lerner as Stuntperson

Robin Grathwol as Stuntperson

Peter Stader as Stuntperson

Greg Wayne Elam as Stuntperson

Julius LeFlore as Stuntperson

William (Bill) T. Lane as Stuntperson

Steven Thomas Maillard as Stuntperson

Lincoln Simonds as Stuntperson

Lewis Musser as Stuntperson

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