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The Deadly Companions


Released 1961

Sam Peckinpah = Director

Charles B. Fitzsimons = Producer

Maureen O'Hara as Kit Tilden

Brian Keith as Yellowleg

Steve Cochran as Billy Keplinger

Chill Wills as Turk

Strother Martin as Parson

Will Wright as Doctor Acton

James O'Hara as Cal, General Store

Peter O'Crotty as Mayor of Hila City

Billy Vaughan as Mead Tilden Jr.

Hank Gobble as Bartender (uncredited)

Big John Hamilton as Gambler (uncredited)

Chuck Hayward as Card Sharp (uncredited)

Riley Hill as Gambler (uncredited)

Buck Sharpe as Apache Indian (uncredited)

Robert Sheldon as Gambler (uncredited)

Jack N. Young as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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