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Death Race 2


Released 2010

Roel Reiné = Director

Mike Elliott = Producer

Paul W.S. Anderson = Producer

Jeremy Bolt = Producer

Greg Holstein = Associate Producer

Marvin Saven = Associate Producer

Genevieve Hofmeyr = Co-Producer

Ralph Tuebben = Co-Producer

Roger Corman = Executive Producer

Luke Goss as Carl 'Luke' Lucas

Lauren Cohan as September Jones

Sean Bean as Markus Kane

Ving Rhames as Weyland

Tanit Phoenix as Katrina Banks

Patrick Lyster as Warden Medford Parks

Deobia Oparei as Big Bill

Fred Koehler as Lists

Robin Shou as 14K

Danny Trejo as Goldberg

Joe Vaz as Rocco

Danny Keogh as Dr. Klein

Henie Bosman as Xander Grady

Warrick Grier as Calin

Sean Higgs as Hillbilly Con

Tanya van Graan as Holly

Wayne Harrison as Sergeant Linus Drago

Trayan Milenov(-Troy) as Scars

Chase Armitage as Apache

Michael Solomon as The Sheik

Tauriq Jenkins as Camerman #1

Tyrone Keogh as Camerman #2

Kevin Otto as Ray

Ray Randall as Joey

Scott Sparrow as Vinnie

Clayton Evertson as Jonsey

Richard 'Ricky' Botsis as Terry

Michael T. Dube as Union Blood Member

Richard Lothian as Rapist Con

Andrew Brent as The Technical Director

Inge Beckmann as Nurse

Robyn Scott as Big Angry Female Guard

Stephanie Schildknecht as Weyland's Secretary

Mark Simpson as Pit Guard

Ryan Kruger as Fat Guard

Pierre Malherbe as Mess Hall Guard

Quentin 'Dragon' Chong as Chinese Assassin

Adrian Collins as Lead Guard

Dylan Skews as Armed Guard

Chad Phillips as Male Nurse

Nicholas Pauling as Tattooed Hooligan

Leon Clingman as Cell Block 'A' Guard

Milton Schorr as Prison Bus Guard

Jason Ralph as Escort Guard

Chelsea Nortje as Big Bill's Navigator Girl

Stephen Jennings as Defense Attorney

Jenna Saras as Stunning Woman

Leigh Graves as The D.A.

Lee-Anne Liebenberg as The Sheik's Nav Girl &

Katrina Stunt Double

Karlien Seegers as Apache's Navigator Girl

Bruce Young as Driving Policeman

Adam Neill as Arena Sound Guy

Louis Joubert as Prison & Yard Guard (uncredited)

Hans Menk as Luke Stunt Double

Allen Irwin as Luke Driving Double

Chase Armitage as 14k Stunt Double

Valentine Muzinga as Big Bill Stunt Double

Paul Pieterse as Stunt Driver

Roland Mellville as Stunt Driver

Daniel Sondenbergh as Stunt Driver

Deon Joubert as Stunt Driver

Gary Hyman as Stunt Driver

Tyrell Kemlo as Stunt Driver

Louis Gouws as Stunt Driver

Anwar Daniels as Stunt Driver

Reddy D. Daniels as Stunt Driver

Brad Parenzee as Stunt Driver

A. E. Toit as Stunt Driver

Greg Cameron as Stunt Driver

Benjamin Sharief as Stunt Driver

Leon Ferreira as Stunt Driver

Craig Sobotker as Stunt Driver

Malcolm Cochrane as Stunt Driver

Cordell McQueen as Stunt Driver

Paul Hampshire as Stuntperson

Dan Hirst as Stuntperson

Bucks 'the Boxer' Bukulele as Stuntperson

Steve Kleinschmidt as Stuntperson

Vernon Willemse as Stuntperson

Grant Powell as Stuntperson

Marc Hyland as Stuntperson

Boris Martinez Casal as Stuntperson

Fleur van Eeden as Stuntperson

Chantel Nel as Stuntperson

Bjorn Steinbach as Stuntperson

Johan Du Plessis as Stuntperson

Francois Coetzee as Stuntperson

Jared Cohen as Stuntperson

Liam Reid as Stuntperson

Oliver Bailey as Stuntperson

Theo Guildenhouse as Stuntperson

Voyteck Modrewski as Stuntperson

Luke Rhodes as Stuntperson

Garth Ennion as Stuntperson

Ed Bolcombe as Stuntperson

Gerald Clarke as Stuntperson

Nathan Wheatley as Stuntperson

Zandara Kennedy as Stuntperson

Emmalou Rabe as Stuntperson

Luthando Tshaya as Stuntperson

Thembalotu Tyutu as Stuntperson

Ronni Gadula as Stuntperson

Mandla Dolisi as Stuntperson

Jonathan Steyn as Stuntperson

Sithembiso Sontshaka as Stuntperson

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