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Death Wish


Released 1974

Michael Winner = Director

Hal Landers = Producer

Bobby Roberts = Producer

Michael Winner = Co-Producer

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey

Hope Lange as Joanna Kersey

Vincent Gardenia as Det. Frank Ochoa

Steven Keats as Jack Toby

William Redfield as Sam Kreutzer

Stuart Margolin as Ames Jainchill

Stephen Elliott as Police Commissioner

Kathleen Tolan as Carol Toby

Jack Wallace as Hank

Fred J. Scollay as District Attorney

Chris Gampel as Ives

Robert Kya-Hill as Joe Charles

Edward (Ed) Grover as Lt. Briggs

Jeff Goldblum as Freak #1

Christopher Logan as Freak #2

Gregory Rozakis as Spraycan Freak

Floyd Levine as Desk sergeant

Helen Martin as Alma Lee Brown

Hank Garrett as Andrew McCabe

Christopher Guest as Patrolman Jackson Reilly

Ken Ackles as Mugger (uncredited)

John C. Becher as Mugger (uncredited)

Robyn Blythe as Extra (uncredited)

William Bogert as Man in Chicago (uncredited)

Bruce Brown as Newsman (uncredited)

Robert Dahdah as Train Mugger (uncredited)

Paul Dooley as Cop at Hospital (uncredited)

Olympia Dukakis as Cop at the Precinct (uncredited)

Beverly Goodman as Little Bo-Peep (uncredited)

John Herzfeld as Train Mugger (uncredited)

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Mugger (uncredited)

Marcia Jean Kurtz as Woman at Airport (uncredited)

Eric Laneuville as Mugger (uncredited)

Damien Leake as Mugger (uncredited)

Sonia Manzano as Grocery Clerk (uncredited)

George Payne as Extra (uncredited)

Jay Rasumny as Architect in Office (uncredited)

Saundra Sharp as Reporter (uncredited)

Lee Steele as Office Security Guard (uncredited)

Alan Gibbs as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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