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Death Wish II


Released 1982

Michael Winner = Director

Yoram Globus = Producer

Menahem Golan = Producer

Hal Landers = Executive Producer

Bobby Roberts = Executive Producer

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey

Jill Ireland as Geri Nichols

Vincent Gardenia as Det. Frank Ochoa

J. D. Cannon as New York D.A.

Anthony Franciosa as Herman Baldwin, LA Police Comm.

Ben Frank as Inspector Lt. Mankiewicz

Robin Sherwood as Carol Kersey

Silvana Gallardo as Rosario

Robert F. Lyons as Fred McKenzie

Michael Prince as Elliott Cass

Drew Snyder as Deputy Comm. Hawkins

Paul Lambert as New York Police Comm.

Thomas F. Duffy as Nirvana, Mugger

Kevyn Major Howard as Stomper, Mugger

Stuart K. Robinson as Jiver, Mugger

Laurence Fishburne III as Cutter, Mugger

E. Lamont Johnson as Punkut, Mugger

Paul Comi as Senator McLean

Frank Campanella as Judge Neil A. Lake

Hugh Warden as Minister at Funeral

Jim Begg as Tourist

Melody Santangello as Tourist Wife

Robert Snively as Dr. Gofeld

Steffen Zacharias as Dr. I. Clark

Don Moss as Cabbie

Charles Cyphers as Donald Kay

Peter Pan as Chinese Landlord

David Daniels as Lang

Don Dubbins as Mike

James Galante as Tim Shaw

Buck Young as Charles Pearce

Karsen Lee as Nirvana's Girl 1

Leslie Graves as Nirvana's Girl 2

Teresa Baxter as Nurse 1

Cindy Daly as Nurse 2

Susannah Darrow as Nurse on Bus

Henry Capps as Policeman 1

Joshua Gallegos as Policeman 2

Paul McCallum as Ambulance Man

Roberta Collins as Woman at Party

Diane Markoff as Prostitute

Cynthia Burr as Secretary to NY DA

Michael Tavon as Thug 1

Ezekiel Moss as Thug 2

C. Ransom Walrod as Boat Captain

Gary Boyle as Man in TV Soap Opera

Ava Lazar as Girl in TV Soap Opera

Fred Saxon as Newscaster

Henny Youngman as Himself - on TV

Ginny Cooper as Diner

Lesa Weis as Diner

Twyla Littleton as Diner

Diane Manzo as Diner

Rick Schmidlin as Gang Member (uncredited)

Gilbert B. Combs as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Richard Epper as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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