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Death Wish 3


Released 1985

Michael Winner = Director

Yoram Globus = Producer

Menahem Golan = Producer

Michael J. Kagan = Associate Producer

Michael Winner = Co-Producer

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey

Deborah Raffin as Kathryn Davis

Ed Lauter as Insp. Richard S. Shriker

Martin Balsam as Bennett Cross

Gavan O'Herlihy as Manny Fraker

Kirk Taylor as Giggler

Alex Winter as Hermosa

Tony Spiridakis as Angel

Ricco Ross as The Cuban

Tony Britts as Tulio

David Crean as Hector

Nelson Fernandez as Chaco

Alan Cooke as Punk at Car #1

Bob Dysinger as Punk at Car #2

Topo Grajeda as Garcia

Barbie Wilde as Female Punk

Ron Hayes as Lieutenant

Jerry Phillips as Street Punk

Joseph Gonzalez as Manny Rodriguez

Francis Drake as Charley

Leo Kharibian as Eli Kaprov

Hana Maria Pravda as Erika Kaprov

John Gabriel as Emil

Mildred Shay as Magda Emil

Kenny Marino as Used Car Seller

Birdie M. Hale as Mugging Victim

Marina Sirtis as Maria Rodriguez

Hayward Morse as Intern #1

Ronald Fernee as Intern #2

Sandy Grizzle as Rape Victim

Dinah May as Nurse #1

Steffanie Pitt as Nurse #2

Billy J. Mitchell as Fraker's Lawyer

Lee Patterson as TV Newscaster

Olivia Ward as Protesting Lady

Manning Redwood as Capt. Sterns

Joe Cirillo as Policeman

Ralph Monaco as Policeman

William Roberts as Policeman

Mac McDonald as Policeman

Sam Douglas as Policeman

Ron Travis as Policeman

Mark Stewart as Policeman

Peter Banks as Policeman

Tom Hunsinger as Policeman

Nic D'Avirro as Policeman

Derek Lyons as Detective (uncredited)

Frank Patton as Cop/Stuntperson (uncredited)

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

Jack Cooper as Stuntperson

Paul Heasman as Stuntperson

Jazzer Jeyes as Stuntperson

Rocky Taylor as Stuntperson

Tip Tipping as Stuntperson (Creep)

George Lane Cooper as Stuntperson

Jack Cooper as Stuntperson

Tom (Thomas) Delmar as Stuntperson

Tracey Eddon as Stuntperson

Elaine Ford as Stuntperson

Michael Russo as Stuntperson

Steve Whyment as Stuntperson

Ray Ford as Stuntperson

Terry Forrestal as Stuntperson

Stuart St. Paul as Stuntperson

Tim Condren as Stuntperson

Lex Milloy as Stuntperson

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