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Death Wish 4

The Crackdown


Released 1987

J. Lee Thompson = Director

Pancho Kohner = Producer

Yoram Globus = Executive Producer

Menahem Golan = Executive Producer

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey

Kay Lenz as Karen Sheldon

John P. Ryan as Nathan White

Perry Lopez as Ed Zacharias

George Dickerson as Det. Reiner

Soon-Tek Oh as Det. Phil Nozaki

Dana Barron as Erica Sheldon

Jesse Dabson as Randy Viscovich

Peter Sherayko as Nick Franco

James Purcell as Vince Montono

Michael Russo as Danny Moreno

Danny Trejo as Art Sanella

Daniel Sabia as Al Arroyo

Mike Moroff as Jack Romero

Dan Ferro as Tony Romero

Tom Everett as Max Green

David Wolos-Fonteno as Frank Bauggs

Michael Wise as Romero's Hood

Irwin Keyes as Bauggs's Chauffeur

Tim Russ as Jesse

Héctor Mercado as JoJo Ross

Derek Rydall as Kid with Long Hair

Mark Pellegrino as Punk

Connie Hair as Angie

Craig Curtis as White's Chauffeur

Margaret Howell as Rape Victim

Gary Rooney as Masked Man #1

J. P. Romano as Masked Man #2 & Stunt Double

Tony Borgia as Masked Man #3/Kersey's Double

Michelle Michaels as Marilyn, Kersey's Secretary

Charles (Knox) Robinson as Editor

Gerald Castillo as Lieutenant Higuera

Timothy Agee as Young Cop

Jason Scura as Cop

Linda Bukowski as Police Officer

David J. Partington as Morgue Attendant

Bruce Hensel as Dr. Rosenblatt

Michael MacDuff as Doctor

Sheila Gale Kandlbinder as Nurse

Joan Carangi as Nurse

Katrina Holden Bronson as Nurse

Noa Scott as Nurse

Gretchen Bryn as Intern

Gene Bori as Restaurant Owner

Robert Axelrod as Italian Restaurant Bartender

Don Shapiro as Bus Boy

Mitch Pileggi as Cannery Lab Foreman

Alan Berger as Watchman

Gene LeBell as Cannery Guard

Roydon Clark as Cannery Worker

Dale Robinette as Sham Cop

Russell Solberg as Police Car Driver

Richard Nugent-Aherne as The Real Nathan White

Terry Ward as White's Butler

Art Frankel as Pool Party Bartender

Tyaes Connolly as Party Guest

Elizabeth Scherrer as Party Guest

Debbie Solomon as Party Guest

Patrick Thomas as Roller Rink Punk (uncredited)

Danny Webb as Zacharias' Man (uncredited)

Shawn Wilson as Arcade Player (uncredited)

Brad Bovee as Stuntperson

Bobby A. Burns as Stuntperson

Richard E. Butler as Stuntperson

Carl Nick Ciarfalio as Stuntperson

Danny Costa as Stuntperson

Yannick Derrien as Stuntperson

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Tom Robinson Harper as Stuntperson

Lane Leavitt as Stuntperson

Paul McCallum as Stuntperson

Buck McDancer as Stuntperson

Bobby McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Jimmy Ortega as Stuntperson

Manny (Manuel) Perry as Stuntperson

Diane Peterson as Stuntperson

Carol Leslie Rees as Stuntperson

Debby Lynn Ross as Stuntperson

Michael Tillman as Stuntperson

Ted White as Stuntperson

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